Nas And Damian Marley Support Legalization At The West Coast Weed Smokeout

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Nas & Damiam Get Smoked Out

Past de Dutchey pon de left hand side! Nas and Damien Marley will be part of Cypress Hills’ annual West Coast Smoke out at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, California on October 16th.

In addition to acts by Incubus, Slightly Stoopid, Atmosphere, Manu Chao, DeadMau5, MGMT, ‘unhooked’ and Cypress Hill themselves, the festival will also serve as a platform for Cypress Hill to express their support for the legalization of marijuana for medical usage. Musicians from all over will also descend on Cali to rock the stage in preparation for November’s vote to legalize marijuana for recreational use in California.

“The SmokeOut exists to protect medical marijuana patient’s rights and we encourage our fans to go to to learn how they can make a difference,” B-Real said. “There are a lot of artists on this year’s show that we love and respect. I can’t wait to see all our fans, friends, and family back at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino.”

According to Chad Weisberg, Guerilla Union’s Founder, another lineup of artists will be announced in the near future.

“The Smoke Out is one of Guerilla Union’s most successful live music artist partnerships and this year’s show may be our most important and historic ever. It represents our company’s independent spirit and passion for creating unique live experiences,” said Weisberg. “It’s truly an honor to work with Cypress Hill and all of this year’s world-class artists. SmokeOut is not only a well respected music festival, but also a platform for compassion, activism, and education for the entire medical marijuana community.”

Tickets to the Cypress Hill Smokeout 2010 will go on sale on August 12th at 10:00 AM PST.

Sounds like a red-eyed, coughing, munchey good time.



  • Black MYstory

    Gimme di light!!

  • Myhairparadise

    Of they do they want to stay out of jail lol

    check out for all your haircare needs

  • It's Me

    what is this world coming too??

  • http://deleted I Am Legend (Allergic 2 Darkies)

    I support it to even tho I dont have a medical card..I got friends who do and they get me the best weed …I stay high off that medical weed

  • kalifa

    Black people always want to support some kind of a$$ness. why dont they get together and support something educational and meaningful to uplift the Black community.

  • Sage

    I do not vote, but I will tell anyone.
    Any day there is a ballot initiative on the legalization of Mary Jane.
    I will be the first person in line.
    As a matter of fact, I will be the one opening the doors to the polling station.

  • jamerican

    Shame on them. What? America doesnt have enough drugged out black folks????

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    There would be no Iraq War if Bush had been allowed to smoke his weed! And its not a drug, its a plant with hallucinogenic properties! Bet yo azz takes morphine though, dontcha’? People have died from their body rejecting morphine, nobody dies from weed overdose. Trust me, dat nicca is just sleep.

  • Tajuana34

    Yaaaaayyyy…..I say legalize all day….and to the whats the world coming to comment….get over it….the world is fucced up, we need the weed to mellow us out….and if you dont liike it …..dont smoke….

  • brooklyn

    i wish i could have a spot there to sell food could you imagine how much you can make off of snacks there lol

  • TMoney253

    Weed is the new fried chicken. It might even be better for you. Legalize it.

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    still LOL!

  • The Know-Madd

    @ Kalifa

    Real education uplifts communities not this watered down crap thats getting fed to us daily. If yoy want real education, do some real research into why weed is illegal and have always had that negative stigma attached to it. Chances are if you are in this world, you are ill informed on alot of things and unfortunately we depend on outsiders(media) to inform us. If you knew real history you would know that weed aint olny used for smoking. Look at hemp. Hemp can be used to make everything that is made from oil. It’s no coincidence that these pharm companies lobby for war on drugs and keeping them illegal so the corporations would not lose their billions. So the politicians keep these laws in place thanks to “donation money”. Look up the nutrients that are in these seeds thats grow these plants and you will see how much info is hidden from the public. Its up to you to find the truth and not let THEM force feed you crap. Education may lift you up status wise in society but that’s it. Real education comes from spiritual upliftment and that comes from your heart and your mind!! That is something money or a certificate can not get you.

  • legalize It!

    Everybody go out and buy their new album. You wont be disappointed. Support positive hip-hop!

  • LS

    Please support that album !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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