Was Fantasia’s Suicide Attempt A Business Move?

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Fantasia back to me album

When I heard that the singer Fantasia attempted suicide this week, I was saddened and alarmed. Suicide is the last thing I’d expect from a woman who seemed to empower others with her seemingly endless supply of positive energy. Fantasia is a star in more ways than one.

As I researched the details of her suicide, I couldn’t help but notice that one of the causes of her depression may have been the slowdown in her career.

Artists who stop selling records suddenly realize that they were addicted to the fame and money. The declining artist is faced with massive economic problems, serious rejection issues and an intense sense of personal failure. When this is compounded with some of the relationship problems that Fantasia has reportedly had with a married man, you have a recipe for disaster.

That made me want to ask the question that others may not want to ask: Is Fantasia’s management team looking to milk sympathy from her fans to boost record sales? While I certainly empathize with what Fantasia is experiencing, I couldn’t help but notice the dramatic details of her personal problems being blasted throughout the media. It’s not as if her team has asked that we allow her a private moment to be with her family. They are bringing the entire world into her hospital room and sharing every detail of the experience.

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