Bad News For Matrimony-dom, Study Shows 1 In 5 Adults Are In Love With Someone Who Is NOT Their Partner

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A recent poll of 3,000 people in relationships showed that one in five adults are actually in love with someone other than their significant other.

That means that twenty percent of adults in relationships are in love with someone else. For reasons that are unknown, but likely have to do with finances, desire, children, and fear, people settle down in relationships even when their hearts belong to someone else.

The scariest part about this is just under five million people who are either married or living with a significant other could have strong romantic feelings for someone else.

DAYUUUM — that’s fu*ked up! What ever happened to that song “If you can’t have the one you love… love the one you’re with?”

Do you think this study is accurate? Why are so many people unhappy in their relationships? Does this study explain situations like Fantasia’s recent scandal and Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz relationship?

Is it more important for people to pursue what (or who) they really want, or to live by their vows and work to make the relationships they committed to successful?


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