Lauren London Was A Little Wild Thing Back In The Day…

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Drake might be a ladies man NOW… but in his adolescent days, his phone calls weren’t always so welcome.

Drake recalls:

Once I prank-called this girl’s house so much I got arrested for it. But I was mad young, though. It wasn’t like ‘weird stalker.’ We were, like, 14, when prank calling was cool.

Um, okay, whatever you say Drizzy.


  • Sin

    It must be nice to be this beautiful, God bless you Lauren.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Comments not working?

  • http://bossip GAT TURNER BUUUUDDDAATTT!!!!



  • ;)

    Drake is a loser lol

    • MeetLove112

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  • Ciana

    awl had the most respect for Lauren London i thought she was really gonna make it then she got preggo by lil wayne SMDH!

  • myhairparadise

    Not a surprise she looks like she was. Want your hair styled for free? Sign up to be a salon spy at myhairparadise dot com

  • whitley

    Taraji is putting that seasoned vajayjay down on Drake lovely. Malia only got azz over Taraji. Thats about it!!!

  • What_am_iDoing

    Lmao its @ “Montana FishBurne”

    • guest jones

      you damn right her fish burns

  • JAZZI247


  • LaDiva

  • Lovelybubbly

    Lauren London is a pretty girl who likes thugs she admitted that during an interview before but she seems not to know her worth she could get the type of man that will marry her who is A list status with no baby mamas but she settled for Lil Wayne and his harem I’m starting to question her self esteem and wondering is she that mixed girl who tries to fit in proving how “Black” she is.

    • Mandella

      i completely agree

  • kandi

    @Lovelybubbly, I soooo feel u!

  • Who Cares?

    WHO CARES? Her baby’s daddy is has over 20 mil in the bank. I don’t think she really cares what we think.


    You can take the trash out the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out the trash!

    Typical hood chick. If she wasn’t who she was (some d-lister) her baby daddy wouldn’t be Wayne it would have been the dope boy on the corner that kept her hair and nails did.

    • ScorpioQueen

      Very true!

  • ME

    Why do people feel like these women’s kids are set for life… Lil wayne is just rich not wealthy!! I;m sure people thought the same thing with MC hammer… look @ him n his kids now!!! SMH

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