Quote Of The Day: NE-YO Clowning On Poor Lil RihRih’s Massive Fivehead

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rihanna forehead

NE-YO on Rihanna’s “head game”:

“Everyone knows that Rihanna has a great big forehead! There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just… Rihanna’s forehead is two of yours! I can say that because I’m big brother.”

Shaffer Chimere knows he has no room to talk, ’cause his dome piece STAY on swole…peep his shiny milk dud in action below:

ne-yo no hat big head



  • danni

    This is SO old..he said thaT back wen they did tht “hate that I love you” record…slow news day

  • silks


  • Ciana

    LMFAO i thinkits bigger than Tyra banks’styra admitted that she got hers pushed back and rihannas is just like that.

  • Deebo

    He should be in the military. It looks like he got the Pentagon on his mind anyway

  • kay 10

    some big bro he is

  • Key from the City

    Kettle: “Hello, Pot.”
    Pot: “Hello, Kettle. You sho’ is black!”

    NeYo, please be seated.

  • *she rocks*

    wow they actually look the same… but NEYO is damn fugly!

  • 1987

    There’s nothing wrong wit a lil extra head room lol!

  • *she rocks*

    Ne-Yo is very ugly, he looks like a cross between a chimp and a chinaman… well our Alien Princess, what can I say she has the features of a cross between an alien and an amazom woman!

  • Name

    Ne-yo doesn’t look that bad bald it would just take some getting use to seeing him more like that.

  • Screaming

    Who the hell is he to talk about anybody!

  • Sanriobaby =^.^=



  • Sanriobaby =^.^=


    Mean but funny!

  • anonymousalien


  • TeLl iT LikE iT Tis

    Talib Kweli look like he got cotton mouth

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