Becky Searches For Husband With A Wack Song And Reality Show!

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Lisa has a show Project Husband

So what do you do when your 35-years-old with no prospects for marriage? Oh, simple you bust a Lisa as in Lisa Linehan and plan your wedding anyway.

She has planned the entire thing down from the venue, DJ and the gown. All of this is part of her local reality show called “Project Husband”, which is being shot in Dallas (the same city that shoots ‘Cheaters’). It seems that Lisa is pressed to get married fast to anyone that says “I Do.” This chick doesn’t have a boyfriend or nothing lined-up but with this show she will get something. Lisa is a singer-songwriter breaks down her choice to make this show she said,

“I am an independent person who would like to be married, and this situation is just a different way of going about it,” she says. “It’s not entirely different from ‘The Bachelorette.’ It’s more honest, and it provides more time, and it’s more organic in many ways.”

As if the show wasn’t enough she even wrote a nice little diddy to go along with this mess! Peep it below.


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