Kimmy Cakes Is Attention Whoring AGAIN! Gives Twitter A Sneak Peek Of Her Latest Calendar

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Kim Kardashian Calendar

Kim Kardashian is putting her bangin’ body on blast again… but this time she’s not on a beach or by the pool, she just switched up her Twitter background for one day to help advertise her latest calendar.

This chick might not always seem like the brightest bulb in the box… but she is a marketing GENIUS! We can’t knock her fu*kin hustle.

Is it just us though, or are her cakes lookin’ extra unnatural in this shot?


  • bre

    her booty implats look like they sufacating

    • ses

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  • myhairparadise

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  • Glok...Smooth as a Baby's azz!!


    • chaka1


  • Glok...Smooth as a Baby's azz!!


  • bklynista718

    whoa!..doesnt even look like her…looks like a hispanic or tanned white woman…lol..whatever..she’s still hot! love u kimmy, girl =-)

    • Verl

      She IS a tanned white woman!

  • marcia

    Thats not her.

  • I Am Legend

    Yea I was sayin the same thing that dont look like her, but maybe its just the way we see it

  • stephen

    i don’t hate the kardashians like everyone but it amazes me people say she needs to go away but will go to websites to at her just like beyonce deep down inside these people love them

    • Really????

      lol so true!!! Ppl secretly LOVE THEM!!!

  • Lisa Gee.

    Love her!!!

  • SimplePleasures

    Yes, her cakes look extra unnatural because they are extra FAKE. She looks ok from the side…but from behind she looks like Spongebob.

  • Niasia

    I think she looks sexsi!

  • Ms.Drizzy

    she looks nice

  • texas-rose

    i thought it was beyonce on the picture

  • Rihanna'sSharpNPointyWitchyFingernailsTookTheOath

    her figure only looks good in precise poses, besides that she looks like she has on a diaper saturated in water. Kim Saggybottoms K~

  • hi there!!!

    @texas-rose: I agree!

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