Matt Kemp Defends His Suckiness In Baseball, Doesn’t Blame Rihanna Because She’s Helpful & Supportive

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rihanna and matt kemp smiling at at&t store

Matty-poo Kemp is still having to defend why he’s lacking in the Baseball playing skills department as well as his Hollyweirded-out relationship with Rihanna:

“I’m a grown man,” he says. “You’re picked on when you’re a kid,” but then just as quickly the kid adds, “I’m not going there” when asked if the Dodgers have been too tough on him. While more often noticed for his bravado, too often it’s a disguise. Pressed to reflect, Kemp admits, “Yeah, there have been times probably when I haven’t given 100 percent. But I want people to know I work hard, and I definitely care. I’ve been trying to do everything I can to figure this out.”

Poor thang…

Some folks have theorized it’s the L.A. lifestyle and girlfriend, singer Rihanna, who have impacted Kemp’s baseball career for the worse. “My girl has nothing to do with what I do on the baseball field,” Kemp says. “If anything she helps. She makes me happy, and as stressed as I am coming home sometimes, it’s nice to have someone there who just wants to support you.”

This dude best get on his game before his a$s is out of a job!!!



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