20 Celebrity BFF’s Who Hold Each Other Down

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Tyra Banks Kimora Simmons Ming and Aoki Lee

“Best friend” is such a relative term. One day she’s your ace home skillet, the next day you’re not calling her back because she always wants to talk about her crazy issues.

Either way celebrities, like us, have BFFs with whom they shop, dine and party.

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  • Okkkayyy

    Weird couples? Rihanna and katy perry,Maxwell and Nas,serena and christina Jada and katy. You wouldnt expect… Cute? bandy and kelly. Tight? lupe and pharrel

  • kalifa

    I think they used the term BFF very loosely…..some of these people were only just pictured together and are not true BFF’s

  • Curious1

    Like most of them..some But is Beyonce BFF really Gwyneth Paltrow..NOW JZ smiling holding Gwyneth..NOW he can smile..gimme a break..lol..

    I do LOVE Courtney Cox and Jennifer Anniston..they ALWAYS seemed like BFF’s even on Friends..awww cute…

    Some were eye raisers like Hoey Kardazz & Lauren London..that looks put on…

    Love Ciarra…with or with out her alleged BFF…the fake one with her..lol..

  • Rx Chic

    Half of those ppl listed are not even close friends! Lauren London & Khloe is not even best friends! Nor is Rhianna & Katy Perry! Rhianna’s bf is tht blk girl tht be with her everywhere she goes & Khloe’s bf is the blk girl tht dates her brother!

  • WHOA!

    Interesting! some of the celebrities, I never would have paired as BFF’s.


    Monica and keyshia made the list :) i completely agree some of them are not really that close i know monica,keyshia and lil kim,lisa raye are but the rest i didnt know (kanye shrug)

  • sukanya

    i cant count on my friend she put her man over me and i knew her and her sister since we were kids if that aint a true friend for you then idk what is

  • Nut Sack

    Really Nas and Maxwell, more like Nas and Damian Marley.

    • indeed!

      Nas and Damian are close friends as well but Nas and Max have been friends for years…they were just seen having bunch in NY with some other friends.

    • seriously

      Nas and Damian are very good friends. Nas stated he takes flights to Jamaica just to eat the good food at Damian’s house. He said the guy who waves the flag at their Distant Relatives concert is also a chef and cooks fresh food daily.

  • indeed!

    Nas and Maxwell have been very good friends for years from what I hear.

  • juliemango

    Interestin list indeed!!!

  • dis bish bossy

    Khloe and Lauren is not BFFs. Rihanna and Katy Perry is not BFFs its that 1 black girl that’s always with her. And you know Beyonce not about to let anybody be her friend. The rest idk.

  • yeahyeah

    Lauren London was a bridemaid at Khloe’s wedding to Lamar. She had just had Weezy’s baby about 2 weeks before.

  • whatever!

    Some of these are a big stretch! Just cause u decide to take a pic with some body yall besties? cmon son!!!!!!!!!

  • whatever!


  • http://www.KimoraCochran.com kimora Cochran

    My favorite, hands down would be Kimora and Tyra, both ladies are just stunning!

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