Spike Lee Goes IN On Obama: ‘I’m Not Tryin’ To Bash My Man, But…’

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Spike Lee Goes In on Obama

Spike Lee had some choice words for President Obama in his recent interview with GQ. He accused the President of mishandling the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and pulled a race card we’ve never even heard of.

GQ asked Spike what he thought President Obama should have done differently to handle the oil spill. Lee said:

“Before this catastrophe, our president was in favor of offshore drilling. And when this thing happened, he backtracked real quick. [pauses] I don’t know why Obama ever trusted these BP guys! They would lie to their mothers. [Former BP CEO]Hayward does not give a f*ck. The thing we don’t talk about is that eleven Americans lost their lives and it took seven weeks to invite their families to the White House. I’m not trying to bash my man, but that’s a long time.”

Lee also blamed “environmental racism” for the slow response:

“If this oil spill would have reached the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard [where Spike summers], Cape Cod, that sh*t would have been fixed.” It’s this thing called environmental racism. Now, I have a summer home in Martha’s Vineyard, but I don’t got the political clout.”



  • Say What!

    People are to have something to say when things aren’t going the way they “think” they should go. So spike sit down. And as far as the Hamptons and it being fix fast. Whatever it would have been fix in the same amount of time you just can’t stop a oil leak with a bathtub plug.

    • i know the truth

      my darling I, can’t get enough of your love BAAby!

  • UkFunky


    this is why i like spike he keeps it real.

    • Tracy Cousins

      no he don’t he just want something to b about, there’s a difference.

  • Don

    Bp is barrock biggest supporter .during his campaigne bp contributed millions into him becomming president.besides british petrolioum is owned by the mostpowerful woman in the world.queen elizabeth.who if u really look it up great britian still runs america.but thats a diferent story.stop blammkng barrock he isny running the country he is always on vacation.hiw could he address the oil spill..

    • SMH

      You folks keep bringing up the talking point about BP being Obama’s biggest supporter. NO ONE got more money from the oil compainies during the campaign then McCain and Palin and the Republican party gets almost three times more money then the Democrats.

      The thing I find suspect is that the one oil company Obama got more money from just so happened to be the oil company that the explosion happened? Obama got under a million dollars from BP workers (not BP the company itself) and got over $700 million in campaign donations, that million dollars isn’t sh*t in the bigger picture of things. Dont get me wrong Obama isn’t purfect, no one is, but some of this sh*t is starting to look like a set up.

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  • chaka1

    I liked Spikes documentary of Hurricane Katrina.

    As for this topic, I disagree with him 100%.

    • RAYRAY

      of course you do…because as we all know Katrina was Bush’s fault…but this disaster couldnt be blamed on Obama because he’s 1/2 black…GW hated black people..remember. Spike..sit down shut up…stop trying to be relevant.

    • ray ray

      The “response” to hurricane Katrina reflected Bush’s political philosophy, period. I, the real ray ray, however, agree with Spike Lee. There is clearly different responses to such disasters. I live and work in one of the wealthiest areas in the U.S. and know the difference. As for the troll called Ray Ray… well what can you say, smh.

  • Mrs. Rance

    Whatever. How exactly does he think it would have been fixed in Martha’s Vineyard and the Hamptons? It’s a catastrophe that isn’t easy to fix. But he has the right to say what he’s saying. Barack signed on for this heat when he took the job. In my opinion he’s doing a good job. Sometimes you have to change your position. You can’t stand on something that is no longer viable.

    • DeeDee

      Thank You, well said!

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  • peter illyich

    @mrs Rance

    I agree 100% with everything you wrote. Spike sometimes likes the sound of his own voice. It didnt matter where that oil spill was, to plug it must have been a nightmare. The pipe was 5000 feet down in pitch black water. Tell me Spike how would they have fixed that any quicker in the Hamptons ?

  • http://unlimitedwhispers.com Deirdre B Pride

    Why would he invite them there while the tragedy was still fresh. Families walking around the White House crying? Not this one Spike. I got you on most things, but not this one.

  • Grammar School

    @peter illyich

    What does 5000 ft down in pitch black water have to do with anything? What, it takes a long time to get to that depth of water and it’s hard to see? GTFOH. That’s a lame excuse.

    It’s was a nightmare, but this could have been handled more efficiently on BP’s end. They didnt follow protocol and thats why this blast happened in the first place. I agree with Spike. Let a catastrophe like an crazy earthquake hit Hollywood and then compare the relief efforts to that of Katrina in New Orleans. I bet your eyes would open up then… Spike is right.

  • ReALiSt aKa ReALeSt (OfF tO tHe UK iN OcToBeR... HeLLo MaTe To My UK PeEpZ!!!)

    Spike Lee is REAL and the realist co-signs this..

    Obama was created by the CIA – his father was a CIA agent from Kenya – and his mother was also a CIA agent – so was his maternal grandfather…

    I wasn’t really surprised when the BP thing happened because the QUEEN OF ENGLAND still run you mu.tha.f*ckers – y’all still pay her TAXES..

  • Princess07

    I am so sick of folks talking about what President Obama shudda, woulda,coulda done. Spike if you have all the answers, then why didn’t your butt run for President? From all the drama and Republician crap, I think the President is doing a damn good job.

    I agree with one poster. You can’t fix it with a bathtub plug.

    • http://perryone779@yahoo.com rose by any other name # 93040266


  • BlaqProgressive

    OT: Folks now it seems “WE” have to be careful in what we wear out the house. A black man wearing UNDER ARMOR gear was almost beat down by a mob of anti- muslim Tea Biggots in downtown Manhattan yesterday- cops had to escort him away. They thought his Under Armor cap and sweat shirt was Muslim garb and what makes it scary is that the brother is NOT Muslim.

  • Paul J

    Spike is a dummy. There has nothing to do with racism. This problem couldn’t get fixed. BP had a HUGE incentive to get it fixed ASAP. Every second that oil is leaking they were losing money. To think they weren’t in a hurry to fix it because of location is just straight idiotic.

    • Sepia830

      You sound ridiculous. This is America…EVERYTHING has to do with race and this is no exception.

      People need to stop harping on the mess Bush created. Obama campaigned on the promise that he could right all of Bush’s wrongs. Fine, now he needs to make good on what he said. I praise him for health care reform and for trying to get these credit card companies in line, but he still has a lot of work to do if he wants to get my vote again in 2012.

    • SMH


      People will stop “harping on the mess Bush created” when all his messes are done being cleaned up, not two years after the man left office. Why dont you tell all the people’s families who lost their lives in that needless Iraq war to “stop harping”? Or the people who lost their loved ones on that oil rig because the government has been cutting corners so long and Cheney cut deals with the oil companies to “stop harping” or all the people who lost their jobs dur to the do-nothing economics over the previous decade that help speed our economy off a cliff to “stop harping”. Come on now, not everything is Bushs fault, it took decades to get us here, but for some of you to think Obama is supposed to come in and turn around decades of greed and ignorance in our country in just a few years is absolutely ridiculous. Hold Obama accountible, but stop slandering the man and start helping the man get this country out of the mess it created for itself. I guess people missed the memo when he said he would need everyones help to get this country back on track…all people have done since that man was elected is sit around staring at him and judging him all day because some Americans think thats their place in life to do so instead of getting off their lazy hypocritical @sses and helping.

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