Who Is My Rapper Daddy?

- By Bossip Staff

Cali Dream Taylor

This little bundle of joy is brand spanking new! Born just this weekend, this little baby has two big brothers and a rapper Daddy who is always ‘Cali Dreamin’. Can you guess who her father is?

Game and sons Harlem and King Justice

Proud papa The Game has been tweeting pictures of his new daughter Cali Dream Taylor as well as sons Harlem Caron, age 7, and King Justice who is 3.

Cali Dream TAylor

King Justice Cali Dream Harlem Caron

Click Here To Read The Proud Papa’s Tweets


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  • nana

    His sons look so much like him! Cute kids, congrats game! No hate here

    • she isNt BLACk

      Yes they do,the oldest Looks like he pist him out”

      their Very cute Kids

    • Hottestchickinthegame

      I was gonna say the same about the oldest LOL! But they both look like him! Sounds like he is very happy🙂

  • ByrdLady

    Beautiful baby!!!

  • Fousy

    Is that his mom? I hope so.

    • Sammie Bee

      Hahaha (thinking the same thing)

    • http://u bklynlady

      Yes, that is his mom. You know she’s down with the crips right? Always has been….it’s no secret.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    like the names…

  • Binkchicity Mon

    She is a big beautiful bundle of joy! Congrats Game! Your boys are so handsome!

  • It's Me

    congrats soldier.


    i like his kids names….unique, but NOT too crazy

  • Bee Bee McGee

    Awww….she’s so beautiful. The little boy on the right looks EXACTLY like dear old Dad!!

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    Awww,too precious & his little boys look just like him..I see Game’s nose runs in the family hehe.

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  • WHOA!

    What cute adorable kids…. ok ..no disrespect…please tell me that the women in the picture is the games mother…. right?

  • Marquis de Sade

    I tell ya’, sometimes these people don’t think when they name their kids. Cali Dream? King Justice? Harlem is (kinda’) acceptable, but damn, people, think about the long term! Who tha’ Hell is gonna review a job application by someone whose moniker is Cali Dream or King Justice? Cali Dream sounds like a stage name for a ghetto stripper, and King Justice sounds like someone with 2 strikes, tatted up, and with a strong workin’ knowledge of the street corner phamaceutical trade.😆

  • I'm a Gangsta too, boss

    Is that Marsha Warfield with him? Or the mama from Friday? Who is that linebacker, huh?

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  • viciousvixen

    Awwww… Cute babies!

    But I’m going to need Marquis de Sade to go stand in the corner IMMEDIATELY!!! DEAD @ Cali Dream sounds like a stage name for a ghetto stripper, and King Justice sounds like someone with 2 strikes, tatted up, and with a strong workin’ knowledge of the street corner phamaceutical trade.


  • mello

    viciousvixen sounds like the name of the next first lady??? some people lmao!!

  • Curious1 aka DreamCatcher

    I can’t even say nothing bad..she is a Cuety !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mrsbrnsugar

    Don’t start making fun of the woman in the background. I think that is his mother.

    • nywoman23...killuminati

      she got those kicks from payless. those are champions. i know because i got the same kind. i had to toss those out in the garbage because the back is open and my feet kept slipping out

  • angeljoy

    she’s cute, but she looks pretty jaundiced. I just had a baby and she was yellow/orange like that and she had to be hospitalized for a few days. if she is jaundiced i hope they know so they can take the right steps, nothing too serious. she’s cuutie and i hope she’s alright.

  • Beastlifeapparel

    Cute baby. Cali as the name.. lets hope not.

    Buy Mens/womens urban tees

  • http://u bklynlady

    Harlem, King and Cali. Love the names! Such a proud dad! I’ve always liked Game. Always!

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