The Comeback Kid: Judge Tells Chris Brown He’s Doing ‘A Good Job’

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Judge Says Chris Brown Is Doing Well

DEUCES! Ever since his tribute to Michael and tear filled apology, Chris has chucked the deuces and said ‘bye bye’ to drama. He’s starring in movies, dropping hot music and now the judge overseeing his case has given him kudos for his progress.

Chris Brown just got a huge pat on the back from the judge in his felony abuse case … including a “great job” for following the terms of his probation so well.

During the brief hearing, the judge reviewed the progress report document turned in by Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos … and she was very pleased with what she saw.

The judge said Brown has been attending all of his court-ordered domestic violence counseling sessions and has been “working consistently” on completing his community labor.

As previously reported, Brown pled guilty to felony assault last year for beating up Rihanna.

His next progress report is November 18.



  • chaperel

    :-) from ear to ear for him

  • Kadadah

    Kudos 2 Chris…he’s paid 4 his mistakes and every1 luvs a good comeback story!

  • Mrs. Rance

    Good. I think the incident with Rihanna was a blessing for him in the end. He’s getting help for his anger issues and becoming a better man. I wish him the best of luck. Why you others are still harping on Rihanna is beyond me.

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  • Chucking up the Deuces

    LOVE YOU CHRIS BROWN…keep doing u boo! well done!

  • Jamila

    It’s still too soon to tell. I am not beating up on the guy, but he still has not seeked therapy not counseling, nor has he taken any type of breaks from the entertainment world. The only breaks were of promoters dropping him or refusing to hire him. I hope he does well with his problems and issues, but i am not ready yet to give him the green light. Domestic violence is a disease that needs treatment, not ONLY TIME

  • Mrs. Rance


    He is in court ordered counseling and he is attending in accordance with his sentence. That’s why the judge said “good job”.

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Love u Chris! Ignore the negative,keep up the great work! Peace

  • champhf

    Good job chris keep it up…!!!!

  • champhf

    Good job chris keep it up…!!!! new song is fire. deuces..!!!

  • leah

    great job chris. I have always and forever will be a fan. I think he learned from his mistakes and is on his way back

  • SouthernTreat88

    So proud of you Chris! Keep doing your thing boo.

  • Real Talk


  • angela

    Good Work. You have been though hell and you are stil standing. This RiRi incident was a blessing in diguise. It was something that you had to go through to learn what you are learning being that you were a witness to domestic violence in your childhood. GoD bless you. You are a remarkable multi-talented entertainer.

  • Tracey

    Keep up the good work Chris, dig a little more deeper and I think it is possible for him to be that complete musical icon Michael Jackson was/is.

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