The Game Graces the Cover of J’Adore Magazine

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The Game had a bangin’ ass photo shoot with a bunch of model chicks. So, maybe it was more corny than bangin’. Don’t look at us like we wrote something about a wack ass rapper who had a photo shoot with a bunch of wack ass, almost model type, chicks. Everyone has a job to do, damn it. Judgmental bastards…

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  • Hannibal

  • Hotstuff

    Game is cool with me

  • azdelish


  • azdelish


  • finesseyoswaggerfool!!!


  • azdelish

    the game is wack has not been any good since he was with G-Unit

  • molly p.

    Ain’t this the same GAME that was running off at the mouth about running trains on woman and betting 100K on some video game but couldn’t give his family any money for a funeral?

    You can put lipstick on a pig …

  • Kompton's Kutie

    @molly p.

    That money went to charity.

  • Ya Boy KJ

    The LAX album ain’t that bad to me

  • chaka1


  • always knew

    game is mad wack…

  • Ms. T.

    Why is the sister the one sitting on the floor? I’m just sayin.

  • sonny carson

    Them some fine little hos. But they could have had some more chocolate.

  • honeyboo

    I don’t see anything wrong with the game ( he is hot) but what do you know, you all stan over some wack ass people…

  • NEWbagNcoupe

    I like this cover for the GAME it’s soemthing new and fresh!!!!

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