Fantasia Says Her Full Lips, Short Hair, Full Nose Is The Reason She’s Getting So Much Negative Press

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Fantasia’s soaking up all the free publicity she can get right now after the little O.D. situation. She took a moment to sit down with VIBE to tell them that she feels the only reason she is getting so much negative press is because of the color of her skin… It had nothing to do with her trying to kill herself!!!

Prior to her suicide attempt Fantasia Barrino naturally faced a barrage of negative press surrounding her affair with Antwaun Cook and the lawsuit his wife Paula filed against the former American Idol.

But does she think her African and more ethnic features had anything to do with the excessive and sometimes mean-spirited tone of the coverage she received about her personal life? Say, versus the media’s nearly mute opinions of the controversial love lives and choices of other female entertainers like Britney Spears, LeAnn Rimes or Alicia Keys?

“Yes, I do. I really feel like it does. I was on Nancy Grace, CNN, every gospel station and in every magazine and every newspaper,” she told VIBE about the scandal before her O.D. “It was on. You would have thought I was the President or something.”

Fantasia says she even believes she’s been blackballed out of red carpet coverage spreads in many popular magazines because of her looks. “They never put me in those magazines [featuring] the red carpet. Everybody there has long hair and everybody is bright-skinned, and I was like, ‘But wait a minute. They never gave me that.’ That bothered me,’” says the singer whose new album, Back To Me is in stores now. “And then I tried hard to find people to dress me and they still would not put me there [in those magazines].”

So, is Fantasia trying to say that Alicia Keys wasn’t talked about as bad??? Alicia Keys and Gabrielle Union got it all… right next to their names lies the word “Homewrecker” but we guess the difference between them and Fantasia is that they didn’t tattoo their “DIRT” on their and then try to cover it up and they didn’t try to off themselves…



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