True Or False: Drake And Nicki Minaj Are Married… To Each Other???

- By Bossip Staff

Drake and Nicki Minaj

Those of you sick of gimmicks from Nicki Minaj and Drake may have another one on your hands…

Late this afternoon the pair began tweeting back and forth about making the announcement that they’ve married:

Drake And Nicki Minaj Tie The Knot

We’ll believe it when we see the marriage license.

*Update* Reps for both “rappers” have confirmed that his was just a prank and the two have not actually wed. Wamp Wamp!

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  • likely stylin on u

    ROFL…they both need to stop..smh

    • badd


      they are going to be doing

      things like this until her

      album comes out…they did

      they samee thing for Drake.

  • Ronnie

    Drizzy said he wanted them to do it, just to say they did it. I wouldnt be surprise, then again they say their relationship is very playful, friends claim they married all the time in a playful way, so I wouldnt take this too literally.-True

    • BadAzz


  • JuJu

    YOung Money do anything for attention they lame…anyways who df cares if they married eachother..they aint Jay Z and Beyonce..people make a big deal of them like they special..richest man on earth is married but we dont digg all up in his relationship.. young money lame man -_-

  • Rihanna'sSharpNPointyWitchyFingernailsTookTheOath

    it’s common for gays to marry each other, as a form of comradery…

    • PolitikofDMV


    • chcltkss2003


    • Really Doe


      LMBAO!!!!! u took the words outta my mouth.

  • lil' d

    He can’t be married to her cause he is married to me…she’s lacking what he likes two berries and a stick!

  • MissKelliBaby

    I need more proof, they probably playin around.

  • iRoqq


  • Tia

    yea they not cuz TMZ woulda been up on that news way before so i dont believe it until i see proof and last i check i thought Nicki Minaj was into gurls hello check her last name “Minaj” smh


    False…Is your shampoo damaging your hair? check out myhairparadise dot com for more details

  • Tessa


    if anyone believes

    this you are delusional.

    They’re in the entertainment

    business correct?

    Okay all these make believe stories going on you guys are actually going to believe this?

  • !!!!!


  • MJ

    They so aggravating, YM does ANYTHING for attention.. they ALL need to chill out.!

  • realbuttknocks

    If This is true then my son is going to be cCRUSHED.. LOL.!b. m As m. BuT anywho I think as far as looks go they kinda looka good together other than that ehh.m

  • TMoney253

    Drake looks homo in that pic.

    • hey !! im on bossip

      he does look homo. and nikki actually looks manly here … so they’re gr8t together.

  • http://Bossip Itskandibiiitchhhhh

    This is not true their just playing lmaool

  • sholla21

    Drake makes no secret of his “affection” for Nicki and her a-s-s-ets.

    Still, I think it’s probably a joke. Those two are always goofing around.

    Or maybe they need the publicity…

  • Drake

    im not married to her so shut up!

  • Tracy

    FALSE…Have a nice day.

  • [`~---.._mE_..---~']


  • crazymishia

    & that is NOT drake speaking rudee like that !

  • brittany

    That was not Drake and your sus for that comment but I hope its not true

  • NoHate

    Drake never needs to make that face again ever in his life. -BTW they jus playing around so why is this news??

  • billie

    they dont mean there married it mean they made it offical there dating now

  • ki-ki

    Drake and Nicki = major fails! Anytime you have to resort to lame PR stunts to get music sales, then you are in trouble! Its sad because I am a Drake’s fan!

  • nikkidc

    I Don’t Think They Are Married But, I Loive Them As A Couple. So Cuutee!!

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