DAYUMM… Lil Wayne’s About To Be All Alone: Toya Carter’s Engaged To Memphitz And Trey Songz Is Choppin’ Down Lauren London

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Toya and Lauren London

Ex-Wife Antonia “Toya” Carter and Baby Mama Lauren London have decided to make moves that don’t include Weezy F. Got A Lot of Babies.
Lil Wayne’s baby mamas are dropping off one by one… What is he gonna do when he gets home???

Memphitz and Toya Engaged

Everyone knows that Antonia “Toya” Carter has been dating Memphitz from BET for a little minute now. Lately Toya has been seen rockin’ a ring on the “RIGHT” finger and it looks like it’s BLINGIN’!!! Sources can’t confirm that the two are officially engaged but that’s probably because they are trying to save it for her new show on BET.

Lauren London and Trey Songz are Together

Lauren London popped her little one out last year and just when we thought she was caught up in Wayne’s love web… We find out that Trey Songz is soaking up the panties and has been since around the top of the year. Now we know Lauren likes bad boys but what about…. We’ll leave that alone!!!

Nivea, Sarah B. Vivan, Lil Wayne
Well Dayumm… So, if you had to choose, who do you think Weezy is probably going to end up with???

Will it be Nivea or “Love You Long Time” Sarah B. Vivan???

Toya Pic


  • Rihanna'sSharpNPointyWitchyFingernailsTookTheOath

    the world stops for no man or woman, for that matter

  • wowo

    Nivea has a new boyfriend too,so she is off the market lol….oh well. I guess he has to start with a whole new batch lol

  • .

    At least she has a ring

    • Sticky-n-Sweet

      Now two…at least she insists on being a wife.

  • WHAT?

    Who cares!!! theyre both still gettin paid by weezy!! and?

  • Me

    I don’t care how much money Wayne has – I still wouldn’t have kids with him because he still looks like Rick Ross’s belly button….Good for them.




  • toocuteforyou

    OMG!! who cares who she has dated in the industry…you date alot of locals from where ever your from and if you was in the industry weather it be reality, music or acting you would date inside your circle too…what give you the right to call her a H**, if you don’t date you wont ever be with anyone….just because she’s dating them doesnt mean she’s screwing them…you’re not in here pants or in her bed!and lets not forget Tiny was BIG way before((XSCAPE)) T.I. and if you knew your facts right she’s the one that helped but her man on! So if your going to talk crap about ppl make sure you know what you’re talking about BeautyThatIs


    blackmen need to stop dating baby mamas its a bad look and becoming a stereotype.

    leave these females to whitmen ridiculous………

    • 1991 UK Gem of Africa

      With that said a lot of black men should stop procreating with everything that moves.


      Black men are the reason Baby Mama’s exist…

      Take care of your kids losers

    • Lilika

      Black men are just man, they date girls, just like men. The problem are baby mamas who are gold digger in fact!


    blackmen need to stop dating baby m@mas its a bad look and becoming a stereotype.

    leave these females to whitmen ridiculous………

  • jdmann

    Have to give respect to the homie Wayne. He has a impressive resume of beating some fine chicks. His list proves pimpimg ain’t dead.



  • http://Google Ashley

    Lil wayne i love his music and he is cute sometime love his swagg. I have 2 admit he is a big hoe and who pimp. Anyway he will most likely find a new chick and knock her up 2.

  • Tia

    Nivea most likely, he said that was his true love.

  • ManchesterUKer

    I don’t even know/care what this story is about but the girl on the right in blue is sooo stunning

  • umm ok.......

    I see l.l. likes the GAY 1’s

  • Ms.Drizzy

    NONE ! ..when weezy gets out your gonna hear that he got with nicki minaj and knocked her up to lol

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