R. Kelly’s On His Sam Cooke Sh*zzz In New Video “When A Woman Loves”

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RKellyVideo  "When A Woman Loves"

The skinny tie and sparkle suit might be the look that R. Kelly y needs to embrace. In his new video, not only does the song give you classic R&B feel but so does R. Kelly Cadillac Records get up.

Take a Peep at R. Kelly’s New Video “When A Woman Loves”:


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  • http://www.aloofaa.blogspot.com AlooFar

    Brilliant. Just Brilliant.

    He is finally back!

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  • Greeneyedbandit

    Bring that grown folks music back,cause im sick of hearing the rejects,one of em name starts wit a T,and ends with a Y! lol

    • Allison Mae

      Say it again!!!

    • Tan


  • heavenup7

    real music


    I love me some R. Kelly, he has natural God giving talent and I pray that we give him the support he has earned as a amazing singer, composer, and writer. I love you are do yo thang! “Even when I’m dead and gone I’m gone love her from the sky.” now that genius!!!

    • Lady A

      He is a cold blooded writer! That man definately has skills. Anyone that can stay relevant that long and pretty much write a soap opera and make like 20 songz and you sit on the edge of your seat to hear the rest. Is pure talent.

  • missniaG

    Its ur Boy Kel’s…Luv it~~

  • the_queen_of_english

    sam cooke meets ray charles meets mad men.

    kelly aint neva left.

  • Lipstickers

    I enjoyed the song, the arrangements, and love R. Relly as an artist.

  • Nih

    I love the song, it feels so old and soft and he sounds like he put his heart into it. Makes me wanna listen to it! I think Kelz has done it again, and I am proud of him, have always been a fan! Great job R. Kelly!!!!

  • breezy

    I so love Kellz….That is a fine man…..

  • ReALiSt aKa ReALeSt (BiG BaD BoSSiP BuLLy!!!)


  • LovinLife

    He looks good. I really like this alot. I think that kells is amazingly talent and the sky is the limit for him but then…he gets in his own way and does something silly. But thats the flaws of being a human…any human.

  • Madinah!

    Kels is dat ni99a!

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