Once You Go Black, You DO Go Back! Kimmy Cakes Says She Wants A ‘Normal Armenian Boy’

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Kim Wants To Date Armenian Men

First Kimmy Cakes was jumpin’ on every football pile-up she could find in search of a rich athlete. Now, after a failed attempt with soccer player Alecko Eskandarian, she has come out to say she just wants a ‘normal Armenian boy.’

Despite her history of dating handsome football players, Kim Kardashian says she just wants to find a “normal” guy.

“I’m dating,” Kardashian, 29, told E! News host Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet at the Emmy Awards, but remained coy as to who her lucky suitors are.

However the reality star, who ended her three-year relationship with New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush in March, has recently been linked to Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin.

“The person I wanted to bring has a job and is a little busy,” admitted Kardashian, who brought mom Kris Jenner as a back-up date to the star-studded event Sunday night.

According to E! Online, Austin would have presumably been Kardashian’s Emmy date, however he had a game in Houston the night before and another later this week in Miami.

Kardashian admits it is difficult to meet a new guy because she isn’t a fan of blind dates. This however, hasn’t stopped her mother from playing matchmaker.

“She’s trying to come up with all these names in Hollywood, and I’m like ‘Just get me out of here. I want a normal Armenian boy,’ ” Kardashian said.

On Sunday night’s episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” Jenner worked overtime to set her daughter up with someone who suits both of their requirements: Alecko Eskandarian, an Armenian soccer player who plays for the L.A. Galaxy.

“I absolutely love [Armenian men],” Kardashian said. “[But] I don’t know if this one worked out that well.”

Though their date didn’t go as Jenner had hoped, there appears to be no hard feelings between Kardashian and Eskandarian.

Following the episode, the soccer star tweeted, “Thank you @KimKardashian for being a fun date and a down to earth person. I had a great time and have nothing but good things to say about u.”

Keep it real Kimmy Cakes, there’s a better chance of you roller skating on the moon than giving up Black men!



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  • get it

    Thats good because black men don’t even treat black women right so now she knows what everyone knows about black men. They ain’t ish.


      AS opposed to the women who raise those men to not be “ISH” while claiming they “DON’T NEED NO MAN??” Yeah, you’re projecting, sweetheart….Now do 10 “WOO-SAHs” and call it a day… :lol:

    • Jordan

      Youre probably some bitter miserable slob,go flush yourself witch.

    • Royal Chocolate

      Tell it!!! Once all the hype is gone, his black azz is just the same as every other Cedrick, Rufus and Jaequan.

      Most black men these days grew up with no guidance from a father. Some of them were reared by black women who only had them to try and get some sorry azz black man to marry or “be with” them.

      Sadly, most of today’s young black men are the off-spring of bull-shizz relationships. As a result, being in a bull-shizz relationship is all they know. They gravitate to bull-shizz and where there is no bull-shizz, they have plenty of at-home experience on how to bring it; it’s “normal” to them. It’s a generational curse that they don’t know how to break.

    • 507_diva

      I pity you, because I have been blessed to come in contact with many strong, caring, considerate black men who know a woman’s worth.
      Men in general have issues with how to treat women if no one has properly taught them. And to pinpoint black men seems incredibly divisive.

  • desilusweets

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  • Ciana

    shes a gold digger shes beginning to realize black men aint as dumb as she thinks.

    • rose by any other name # 93040266

      I know thats right… plus kim k is and always has been a gold-diggin fake body part having skank! She should have been dating her own kind, i said that before.. but when a black man doesnt date his black women they call him racist toward his women! So the same goes for her… who the he** wants a fake woman always in the camera face poking her fake butt out and being a media w.h.o.r.e, how long can that last.. wheres her wifely skills.. never seen the bytch cook a fried egg.. always eating out in a big azz restaurant and she did think she could get over on black men , in so glad Reggie woke the he** up!!

    • LuVn_LiFe

      @ rose…howuuuuuuDoin”(wendy williams voice)
      KIm K is a lost cause,
      1st.NOBODY and i mean Nobody white,black,yelow,puerto rican,etc.,wants her Fake butt.NOt to give her a ring and marry her.noWay
      2nd.She’s just saying that shyte to have her name circulating in the media,(AS UsUal)
      3.NOBODY wants her!”


    @get it
    it is truly sad that you make such terrible choices that you believe an entire race of men are worthless

    maybe it time for some introspection, maybe you are the problem and the type of men you choose to keep company with

    were are all the “good” black men?? they are with good black women

    • Mooney 44

      Hotep Brotha very well said.

  • tb

    This b itch is a f uckin slu tty liar!!! Why is she always on black blog sites anyway? The white sites don’t even put her on there as much as these black sites.

    Black sites keep putting Kim Kartrashian on their sites #FAIL

    • No you din't

      That’s not true. Everyday she is on E! And she is on other non-black websites all the time.

  • resurrected

    I thought Reggie broke up with her but I guess she is learning a valuable lesson about wanting to get famous at any cost because now she just don’t seem happy.

  • Bunny(Angel/Urheiness)

    So now after all her failed relationships/marriage to black men,she wants to settle with a “normal”Armenian guy? Lol …I hear that Kim,it’s only natural for you to be attracted to your own ethnic group of men so do you!

  • Mr.uPPeR CuTTs


    She is WAY, WAY, WAY too in LOVE with the black d*ck to ever give us up. TRUST ME..lol

  • if anything be noble

    Marrying an Armenian? How many vowels would they have? Good GRIEF

  • Hispaniola Brotherhoood

    It’s funny how so many Armenian men look Hispanic, especially Mexican though it is all the way in Eastern Europe.

    • Mooney 44

      Maybe becuase many hispanic people are a mix of european, and asian.

  • Jordan

    Kim claims to be looking for a”NORMAL” guy. Has she ever been normal herself?

  • lmao

    white girls know how to treat a black man,they are not ghetto like all those black girls on here.I love me some white,I hate fat black girls

    • rose by any other name # 93040266

      keep it moving then… who gives a damn … go date a fat azz white girl.. good fu-kin luck!! play on playa!!

    • Kalli

      if white girls treat you so good why do most of you cheat on them? i wonder what ginny barber and elin woods would say about your statement? the problem is with bm ,you have no idea how to treat women good or bad. you fail miserably in all areas.

  • shut the fu*ck up

    @ imao

    and I hate guys with little di*cks that look like the turtle head coming out

    what the fu*ck is that??

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