Top 10 Hip-Hop Love Songs

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Beyonce and Jay-Z perform in Paris for their 'On the Run Tour'

We’re big hip-hop heads over at BOSSIP and we feel the genre has gotten kind of a bad rap for being “too negative” so we decided to look back at some of our favorite hip-hop songs about… you guessed it! L-O-V-E.

Count them down with us and feel free to add your own lists in the comments section!

#10 Beyonce And Jay Z – ’03 Bonnie And Clyde

Jay-Z and Beyonce head to Club 55 In Saint Tropez For Lunch

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Hip-Hop’s royal couple Jay-Z and Beyonce took a Tupac classic and made it into their theme song. Was it corny? Yeah, but just admit it, doesn’t it feel good to watch him eat those infamous ‘Big Pimpin’ lyrics? Me give my heart to a woman? Not for nothin,’ never happen, I’ll be forever mackin’! You know Bey has to think that’s hilarious!

#9 Dead Prez – Mind Sex

dead prez

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Dead Prez spit revolutionary poetry in their mind over body quest to ‘build’ with the opposite sex. We don’t have to take our clothes off? Novel idea…

#8 Whodini – One Love


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Many of you may be too young to remember, but LOVE is definitely an important part of hip-hop’s storied past. Just take a listen to this Whodini song if you’re in need of a reminder.

#7 Pharcyde – Passing Me By


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This ’90’s West Coast group crafted the perfect ode to the one that got away… Their loves may have gone unrequited but they’ll always have a place in our hearts!

#6 Goodie Mob – Beautiful Skin

goodie mob

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After feeding our souls, the brothers of Goodie Mob put us under a Southern spell as they recounted some of their deepest romantic encounters. Even years later this continues to be a fan favorite.

#5 Common – The Light


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Common NEVER knew a love like this! You know it had to be something for him to write this… Erykah put her voodoo spell on the Chicago rapper also known as Lonnie Lynn and blue-eyed crooner Bobby Caldwell provided the perfect sample to lay it down to. The Common/Badu love connection didn’t last but the song remains great wedding reception music for all the cool kids in love.

#4 LL Cool J – I Need Love

ll i need love

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Ladies love Cool Todd and for good reason… So many of his songs have been dedicated to women that we know exactly the kind of love he gives. “Around The Way Girl” “Love You Better” and “Hey Lover” are just a few of his other love raps — but none of those tops “I Need Love”. Say it with us, “When I’m alone in my room sometimes I stare at the wall…”

#3 A Tribe Called Quest – Bonita Applebum

bonita applebum

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A Tribe Called Quest dedicated this classic jam to a woman who was blessed in the face and below the waist. They aspired to be with her and women ever since have aspired to be her.

#2 DMX Ft Faith Evans – How’s It Goin Down

DMS hows it going down

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Dark Man X showed us a softer side when he dropped this nostalgic gem testifying to a tainted street love that couldn’t be shaken.

#1. Method Man And Mary J – You’re All I Need

meth and mary

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This little ditty is a classic example of how sweet a rap/r&b collaboration could be. Meth and Mary set the standard and it still sounds so good!

Honorable Mentions… Hip-hop’s Dead President’s Biggie and Tupac share this spot with Black Star’s “Brown Skin Lady” — a song that is really really in need of a video. If you haven’t heard it before please go get your youtube on. In the meantime enjoy Tupac’s touching love song to his mom and Biggie getting gully about his girl.

Tupac – Dear Momma

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Biggie Smalls – Me And My B*tch

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  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    bout 2 check the list out brb

  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    LL should have been #2

  • purple love

    How its goin down is a major turn on but 21 questions shud b on here

  • tommykimon

    I don’t like this list. I’ve never heard of most of these songs

  • Marymag

    How is Kelly and nelly’s “dilemma” not on this list?

  • Miss tahbee

    Ths list is kinda before my time. Love the bonny n clyde track and i need love

  • Bartholomew

    Juvenile’s “Back Dat Up” should’ve been #1.

    I’ve smashed girls to that track plenty of times.

  • Mister_obtuse

    Pharoah Monche’s version of The Light is superior to Common’s imho.

  • phytness

    I love this list! Imma old head. you’ve brought back memories. hmmmmm

  • Hiphopobama

    @tommykimon U never HEARD of most of these songs!?!?!?!?!?!

    • LYRICS

      seriously huh!!!??? WOW!!!! THIS IS 1 OF MY FAVE TRACKS!!!

  • http://u bklynlady

    I love this picture of BIG and Faith. Damn I miss the 90’s.

  • http://u bklynlady

    You can clearly see Bey’s diaper print in this picture. lmfbao while smh

  • lily(bk's finest)

    I agree with #1…


    Tupac’s unconditional Love should have been on there, that song is just beautiful.

  • Stunned

    Seriously? This list is WACK!! Where is Come Close??? That CLEARLY shoulda been number one. SMH. And some of these songs should not be on this list at all.

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