Ne-Yo Insists That You Do Better

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Ne-Yo wants to change the world:

Ne-Yo real name Shaffer Smith says that he has ladies on his case for a date but has to work out their true motives before he agrees to date them. Ne-Yo tells USA Today newspaper, “One of the uncool things about this business is that with every woman I meet, I have to ask myself, is she into me – that is, Shaffer – or is she into Ne-Yo? Luckily, I’ve become a pretty good judge of character. (I want a woman) who can love a man, but doesn’t need him.” Ne-Yo also added that his new album Year of the Gentleman has a specific aim “to get men and women to go, ‘I can do better than that’. A woman can do better than waiting on a man to buy her a drink. A man can do better than putting on a pair of jeans that’s seven sizes too big. I’m not saying this album’s going to change the world, but it will definitely give you something to think about.”

We agree with Ne-Yo, by all means…but in this world of scaliwags and whore-mongers, it might take a little more than a Ne-Yo album for mfers to get it together.



  • Hannibal

  • Hannibal


  • Just Sayin

    I thought he was smokin poles.

  • leave it be (STILL searching for some jelly beans)

    ewwww. just, ewwww

  • Keli Marie

    I though he just came out the closet


    lol… neyo just wants a big sausage in his mouth… wtf does pants have to do with changing the world… ignorant bastard…lmao

  • k.k

    Kudos to ne-yo “Miss independent” should give some of these,lazy ass girls some thought.

  • Aunt Viv

    Oh Ne-yo, don’t talk, just do music please.

  • Oshie(” I am sick and tired of these muthaf*ckin snakes! On this muthaf*ckin PLANE!! *)

    After careful consideration of this image I have decided to tear out my eyeballs and flush them down the toilet.

  • chaka1

    Who is he with? Mr. Snuffleluffagus? Damn…

  • Dont Like Me

    I thought he was married? Maybe not

  • always knew

    Mad talented,but very unattractive…kind of suspect?…

  • Creole Baby

    this post is gumbo

  • texas_thickness

    UGH!!!!!!!! GAY GAY GAY I thought he said he wants a WOMAN not a MAN that who can love a man but doesnt really need him

  • dknlvly

    That picture of Neyo kills me every time! He is never going to live that down.

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