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T.I. clarifies his child support situation:

A lot of deceiving information has been reported regarding my recent child support proceeding. It is unfortunate that the media has been used to manipulate the circumstances and distort the facts.To clarify the recent reports, in addition to the $2000 per month I pay in cash to Lashon Dixon, the mother of my sons Domani and Messiah, I also pay for their private schooling, medical insurance, clothing, food, gifts, birthdays and extracurricular activities. Their extra-curricular activities have included football, basketball, baseball, acting lessons, summer camp, and any other activities that they express a desire to be involved in that will contribute to them leading balanced lives and developing into well rounded individuals. I have also made an attempt to help Lashon with additional payments that have included a down payment to purchase her home, purchase of an automobile for her transportation and other financial obligations. These expenses are documented and are far in excess of the $2000 cash payment that is being paid direct to Lashon. She has chosen not to work and to live 100% from her child support receipts. This is the reason for her difficulties in making ends meet for herself.

These silly ass broads make us sick. Here’s a tip, get a f*cking job. Sitting around collecting a check because you shat two kids out of your twat seven years ago is unacceptable. Kudos to T.I. for taking care of his kids.



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  • Milio

    ugghhh! She makes us women who actually do our best look bad.


    I knew the chick was lying-you always see him with his kids-if he was such a bad provider,he wouldn’t even have them around him.He does not have to support her-she’s not his child.Congrats to TI for being a man about all this.

  • JJ

    She ain’t on the remix, she needs get on a job, “I’m Calvin, those new rib sandwich back, and guess what, you cut off, I got that on lock down”, lol.

  • Oshie

    I love you T.I.!

    I’m sure he’ll read this and look me up…

  • WhatsYoursIsMine-Fabulousness for less than $10 a day!

    Okay, seriously. I want a family, I want a baby, I want a husband, but I cannot see myself getting knocked up and chasing a man down for child support.

    That may not have been her intention from the beginning, but come on now. I’d raise those kids on the $2k a month with a job and no additional help from him, because 18 years creeps up on you faster than you think.

  • JoJo

    Are we supposed to beleive that TI actually wrote that statement. He is as dumb as a door knob, he probably can’t read it. But what is going on between he and his childrens mother is their business. To bad she had to bring it out into the public b/c now people on the blogs are going to rip into her. And in the statement I read from her she never said anything bad about him.

  • Book Worm

    T.I. put her ass on blast! She needs to get a job.

  • Kesha: (I BLEED BLACK-N-GOLD STILL(Yeah, I said it)

    B*tch, get off yo lazy azz and GET A DAMN JOB!

    Collecting child support is not a job…triflin heffa! You can tell this man loves his kids…she makes me nauseous!

  • Kompton's Kutie

    These money hungry females piss me off. Sweetie you is not Tiny u can’t have “Whatever You Like”! Get a job. The judge will end up reducing that 2K to nothing and only allow him to pay for the kids needs only, with receipts.

  • XK

    wear a rubber fool

  • who knows

    I hope she knows that the courts are going to her that he doesn’t have to do all that stuff and her pockets are about to get smaller. Once the courts add up what he pays, and what she contributes – he will be ordered to pay school and the cash payments and that other stuff is about to stop if he wants it to. he will be under no obligation and she will be mad.

  • shavon denise

    Sh*t I know good fathers have troubles with baby momma’s because regular Joe’s gotta deal with ignorant women that use their kids as pawns. I dont know the full story so I dont judge but Ive seen alot of women that agree to a set amount and have the father buy EVERYTHING and then in turn when the father makes them mad they try to take them to court for more. No court has ever asked T.I. to pay $2000. He made an agreement with this chick and she is now realizing that she cant survive off of $2000 herself with no job. There shouldnt be nothing that she has to buy them so she needs to get a job if that was the original agreement. But what will happen to this dumb B is that the judge is going to give her what she’s supposed to get and tell her to “support” the children.Meaning school, clothes, food, etc. All the stuff that REALLY adds up, and she is going to be looking even more stupid. Yet, she prolly will get mega bucks that equate to her actually having a career. Thats sad


    I really hate situations like this. I mean why can’t she get a job if she feels she is struggling. I mean if she feels like she can’t depend on him then she needs to get out and get hers.

  • lala#1

    @whatsursismine:Okay, seriously. I want a family, I want a baby, I want a husband, but I cannot see myself getting knocked up and chasing a man down for child support.


    I agree w/ that 110%

    furthermore, lashon has learned nothing from 50cents babymama and all that drama.. there is a huge difference between being “the mother of his kids” and a “babymama”..Maybe one day sooner than later these females will figure it out…

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