Teenage Jumpoff Lovin’ Gone Horrifically Wrong: Girl Gets 23 Years For Murdering The “Other Woman”

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What’s in the water in Florida?? It seems like ALL the teenagers there get gullier than the f*ck. Read this craziness right here:

Rachel Wade, the teenage girl who murdered her romantic rival, Sarah Ludemann, was sentenced Friday in a Florida courtroom to 27 years in prison. According to the St. Petersburg Times, Judge Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Judge Joseph A. Bulone said that Wade had “caused a lot of pain” before handing down the sentence.

Wade, now 20, was found guilty of second-degree murder on July 23. The jury deliberated for less than three hours, before siding with prosecutors, who argued that Wade had murdered the 18-year-old Ludemann in April 2009 because the two were involved with same young man, Joshua Camacho. The state maintained that Wade murdered her nemesis, then sat back as Ludemann was dying and asked Pinellas Park police officers for a cigarette.


  • nwilson

    So now, neither one is going to have him. And what is HE doing? My guess, with somebody else!

  • loc

    I’m sure mashonda contemplated the same thing.

  • phyre

    Though I doubt it, I wonder if the guy feels somewhat responsible?

  • Barbie Garbage

    SHe is the most stpid b**itch ever. He is cheating on you, he didnt love your azz anyways and then you are going to kill someone? Extra triflin hoez

  • msbliss

    All she got was 27 years?! Wtf? C murder gets life 4 allegedly killing some1 they couldn’t even prove beyond a shadow of doubt he killed but little miss deranged barbie gets 27 years in jail? The system is the devil.

    • MesoYummy


    • Realist

      he a black man/ women did that to a white person would have got life..system built for whites so her just getting 27 yrs shows that white people can kill and get half of what minorities get

    • Realist

      if a black man/ women did that to a white person would have got life..system built for whites so her just getting 27 yrs shows that white people can kill and get half of what minorities get

  • msbliss

    Oops my bad 23! DAMN that’s crazy.

  • Mr.uPPeR CuTTs

    Florida has alot of minorities. dis white chic probably had 100’s of these Becky loving n3gros and hispanics chasing her everyday, and she threw her life away over one dude??

    Dumb Biotch.

  • CuttieJayla

    hahahahaha over a ni**a? her life wasn’t important to begin with if she was dating one of those things. I’d rather have a bullet in my knee then fighting over one. She is just dumbbbb and stupid, never fight over a n¡gga.

  • nana

    @loc u are soo funny and soo right! Lmao #dead

  • NetNilla

    @ Cuttie Jayla

    Hey stupid trick – you meant to spell your name “Cutie” not “Cuttie” but your a loser anyway so take your name literally and go cut your jugular. Ha ha!

  • Rob

    Two ugly white women, smh thats all these Hispanic males chase out in Miami. They bigger sellouts out here than anywhere else. Cant forget about the irritating Cubans out here, that’s another story.

  • Kim Lores

    This is the most poorly written article i have ever read. Which is the victim? Which one is the murderer? Go back to journalism school.

    • ImJustSayin

      I agree,but I believe the murderer is the chick on the 3rd page with the suit jacket on in the courtroom…mmmhhmmm…ImJustSayin

    • Cali

      Really Kim Lores? Because the following is something poorly written by YOU to a medically disabled woman being terrorized and threatened with bodily harm and death (as was her dog – you claim to be an animal activist… obviously you LIE) by her druggie apartment neighbors…the woman couldn’t get help from police or landlords & had nowhere to go because of her large breed of dog & disability rent subsidy. You even accused her of hurting animals by blogging instead of pretending to rescue dogs like you do. You weren’t AT ALL concerned about HER dog..the one the neighbors threatened to KILL. Shows how sweet, educated & sane YOU are…attacking an ill woman journaling on her own FB page while in distress & crisis.
      You even ran away & blocked her so she couldn’t respond or defend herself to your unwarranted nastiness.
      YOU ARE A COWARD AND A BULLY. The REAL Kim Lores, everyone…
      (no wonder Hollywood doesn’t want her).

      Kim Lores:
      “Take control of this situation. Be polite, stop insulting people, and stop being a victim. Seriously. This drama is a huge turn-off. I almost de-friended as i do not want to see this type of behavior and am only interested in helping animals. Not cool. You should hear yourself. “Doesn’t work”, “No Options”. What are you talking about? There are always options. There is always a positive way to handle any situation. Come on now.”

      Kim Lores:
      “You know what, forget it..I’m reading over your posts, and you clearly enjoy this victim nonsense. Take care. I’m de-friending. And you know who pays? The animals. You are the crazy one honey. Not attacking. Just sayin’. Read over your page. You sound like a crazy person i am sorry to say.”

  • MsRachael

    Thats so crazy. One ruined her life over some guy who didn’t love her, and the other was killed over some guy who didn’t love her. Just pure foolishness…..

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  • don't ask

    I saw this on court tv. The sad part about it is that the guy got another girl pregnant while all this between Sarah and Rachel was going on. He got on the witness stand and expressed that he was not really interested in either one of them. So now one is dead and the other is in prison. This is really pitiful that young girls have no more love for themselves than that. Sarah Ludemann is the victim and Rachel Wade is the perp.

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