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Yaris Sanchez

The Dominican Republic has blessed us with great women like Tahiry Jose and Rosa Acosta, now we’d like to introduce you to yet another… Yaris Sanchez. Keep reading for a few details on her along with a better look at those cakes!

Yaris Sanchez

21-year-old Yaris Sanchez was this week’s KING Magazine WebGirl… At 5’4 and 140 lbs, measuring 34D-26-44, she’s definitely got plenty of curves to explore. Far from vanilla, Yaris admits her parents have no idea she’s “attracted to some women.”


Holler at Yaris online if you like what you see:

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    • wow

      naw you are not lying your just full of shi- thats all . If she wants to model and make money that way let her do it .The truth is if that same chick wanted to fuc- you yo as- would drop your draws real quick.

  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    DAMN she bad and she from the D.R…..

  • HII

    she’s a stripper in NYC, AND SHE HAD SURGERY

  • mjs fanatic

    she doesnt look good at all. she s fat and not beautiful. This is not curvy this is fat !! too much!

    • wow

      I don’t think you know what fat is please take ya hateing as- some place because you wish you had a body like hers dam just tell the truth the chick looks good admit .

  • Caligurl

    This girl got no brains lol but she probably give good brains like nana smh

  • shay

    she iiqht buht she aint all lat!! (sorry)

  • lil j

    But before I go I will admit showing your body to the world is getting old..just speaking the

  • bsly6

    Yeah but I like it.

  • mjs fan

    @ wow : a body like hers? no thanks ! im slim and curvy and I love my body. You obviously like that type and im sure you dont like skinny girls thats your opinion. She looks fat to me, Im not a hater I just dont like her body. I like curves but not fat sorry if you mind

    • wow

      I like slim girls with curves and women with bodies like hers and to say she is fat like I said before you don’t know what fat is .

  • Lisa

    Where is the self esteem? Minority women don’t you get tried of just being thought of as objects, no wonder the media seems to think we are only good for sex. This is not hate, this is someone that is sick of men feeling it’s ok to disrespect real women because of a few freaks

  • mjs fan

    @ wow : it s my opinion ! im not the only one to think she is fat.I respect yours so respect mine. I live in France and women like this are considered as fat not curvy. I dont say that shes obese.I think women like Beyonce or Rihanna are curvy but this one is fat to me.

  • http://deleted I Am Legend (Allergic 2 Darkies)

    Why do ugly black girls always be the first 1 hatin on fine women?? Aint nuttin bout her fat but her azz and thats a good phat

  • Mr.uPPeR CuTTs

    Straight DYME piece.

  • clinque

    The world is split into two kinds of people…Haters and Idolaters…you should beware them both.

    Yep, that’s all BM see, a huge a$$. BW, I suggest you exercise your options if don’t have one.

  • http://deleted white male

    why wear a cross doing booty shots

  • TMoney253

    She would get it HARD.

  • Michael

    Fine as hell

  • smfh

    isn’t she like 19?

  • EB

    The artist did a great job in the ‘airbrushing’ department…

  • Aimee

    She looks good, but I don’t like the tattoos. Personally, I only like them on men. I think women look better without them.


    Shes aight nothing special above average she gets a C+

  • Nurse Elsie

    I’m a nurse for a plastic surgeon and I think this girl is clearly beautiful BUT she had a tummy tuck which is clearly visible in the 1st pic w/ the white bathing suit. She tried to cover the scar with that gorgeous flower tattoo but was unsuccessful. There was also fat transferred to her hips and buttocks but overall the surgeon did a great job.

  • ThickLikeCornbread


    Im mad that they have arse, breast & thighs but great abs. No belly in site!

  • THeE


  • say it like it is

    @ mjs fanatic
    In America that’s consider a hott curvasious woman!! The fat pts are in the right places!!
    But overall, I do believe she had body enhancements. DR is famous for cheap plastic surgery, but in any case, she’s does look good and if you got it, flaunt it baby cuz that won’t last forever!! BTW I am a woman and I’m strictly d!ckly but can’t hate on the girl!

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