Ne-Yo Says He Was Misquoted Regarding Statements About T.I. & Tiny’s Arrest

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T.I. and Ne-Yo

R&B singer Ne-Yo says he was quoted about his remarks about T.I. and Tiny’s arrest in Los Angeles this week for possession of a controlled substance.

The Associated Press had reported Ne-Yo as saying,

“T.I. has had many chances — and it’s time he gets his act together. A lot of the decisions he makes comes because of the people that he has around him and that nine times out of 10 when he gets in trouble, it’s not him, it’s the people that he’s with.”

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  • ImJustSayin

    He’s such a GIRL! Why is he speaking of them anyway???

    He’s always saying something about someone else. Worry about your sore butthole.

    • That'sWhatThatIS

      100% co-sign! He’s always talking about somebody.. This nicca want to come out SOOO BADDDD, that the closet door is hangin off it’s hinges!

    • Ari


  • Racquel

    Sure showing your true colors she-yo! Just like the woman you are always has something to say!

  • Get Real

    At what point do we keep blaming friends. You are your surroundings. If your entire crew including your bytch azz, miss piggy looking, fake booty having, drugged out wife ain’t about $hit then you must not be about $hit. I don’t see Luda getting arrested.

  • Get Real

    At what point do we STOP blaming friends.

  • Ciana

    Neyo your music is wack you write better songs when they are for girls and uhmm your swag is extra corny JUST THOUGHT I LET U KNOW!

  • Guoduan

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  • http://yahoo steve

    Ne-yo music suk but so do t.I.

  • silleiz

    He sings like he’s crying while taking it up the booty hole!

  • pretty b

    Dam!! @ get real. How do u really feel about that mans wife? Wow! While I agree u can’t keep blaming friends, surroundings etc etc. Its all about personal accountability and just overall giving a crap about something other then the “life”. He’s a grown freakin’ man I’m sure he weighed the consequences and went with what he thought was smart… HE thought was smart. now he gotta deal. But maybe u should work on all that anger in urself…u just went HAM on a woman because of her looks….why?? That nastiness in u is sad.

    Neyo…. He’s just trying to stay relevant since having a kid is getting him Zero press.

  • ladolcevita

    Dam the man cant have an opinion? Isnt that a freedon that everyone on here exercises? Im not a Ne-yo fan but calling his sexual orientation into question just because he is talking about what EVERYONE else is, is childish. Grow up

  • Get Real

    @pretty…U stop over analyzing & take your azz to school if want to be a doctor. T.I’s wife is everything I named. This is not her 1st bust for X. If she really was a good woman that had his back he would not get in those type of situations while with her. You can’t stop a nicca from being stupid but I will be damn if he stupid while I am around. Tiny just proved that she is actually part of his problem. He need a whole new crew & including wife.

  • real ness

    Tellin your truth doesn’t make you the nice guy….it just makes you the honest one.

  • Brooklyn

    its a shame that everyone is going in on neyo and not t.i. and tiny here are 2 parents of multiple children between them and you get popped for drugs c’mon son they both need to grow up

  • TMoney253

    This is exactly why Yung Berg roasted his a$$. Always keeping people’s name in his mouth.

  • Datzher

    I dont condome what TI snd Tiny did…but seriously ne-yo how many timez u gotta claim u was misquoted..just MAN up to what u said!

    As much as i support and like TI…knowing u are a convicted felon and just got out of jail why would u let urself be surrounded by these kinda illegal substance? I dont get some people..he smart enough to know itz not right but dumb enough to allow it!!

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