Buffie The Body Shows How To Get Those Legs In Shape & Reveals Her Weight

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Buffie The Body

Buffie The Body is back showing us how she keeps those great legs in shape as well as shows that sistas ain’t scared to reveal their weight. We likes ’em thick over here!

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  • nana

    Read her book she wrote a while back! Not exactly literature on the best sellers list but very entertaining! I like her body and I have nothing negative 2 say about her! You go gal

  • Gorden

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  • M3@9@N

    Correction LOSE.

  • sportstalk23

    As a female I think she has a great shape

  • BelizeanCutie

    Damn she’s my height and only a few lbs. lighter than me. My azz ain’t nearly that size why is number that so high then?! lmao

  • S.a.s.s.y24

    @ wow your delusional her body is not on point

  • M3@9@N

    Wow. I wud if i knew how. Im 5″6 146. Shez one inch taller than me an 167. She def needs to lose weight. Get outta heh. She needs to run on tha beach, run in tha park, run sunwheh.

    • Sticky-n-Sweet

      It’s called having “muscle tone” honey. Muscle weighs more than fat.

  • RedBoi

    Damn she bad, I would go straight for her booty

  • hunnyBun


    Whether you like it or not, there will always be females with her body shape. There will always be men who like that body shape.
    Some men love b r easts, some men love booty. That will never change. I’m guessing your man is a booty lover. that would explain your hate for chicks with big azzes lol get over it h0e !

  • EZRawlins

    MY GOSH, THAT WOMAN IS FINE!!!!! Nothing wrong with her height/weight ratio. Forget the numbers – look at her! Drop the wig and she’s top 3.

  • Whateva'

    Coco ain’t got nothin’ on Buffy! And she’s ALL NATURAL!



  • mjs fan

    OK so Alicia Keys Beyonce Amber Rose are thick. This woman is thick ? there is a problem. They all look anorexic next to that girl. What is thick ? or fat ? I dont get it. If that girl is ” just ” thick then Rihanna is unhealthy and Beyonce Amber and Alicia are not thick. Im not a hater, just tryin to be logical and understand what thick or fat means to y all. Personnally I prefer Rihanna s body.

    • sweet

      thick is when your azz and thighs are like POW!!! but then your stomach is nice and flat. that’s thick. to me, you can’t be thick if you have belly rolls and you caryy the fat in your stomach area. that’s just fat!
      buffie is thick az hell

    • http://deleted carmenknows

      hmmm here’s a thought…. women are built differently… 167lbs on Beyonce is not going to look like 167 lbs on Buffie…. some women are naturally heavier in certain places… Bey has a flat chest and a regular sized bootie but it is obvious that Buffie is naturally thicker in the thighs so she has done what works best for her body by toning up her muscles in her thighs…

      Why can’t all of them be beautiful in their own way?? Oh wait, they are some people just let their own insecurities overshadow that…not hating…just educating

  • sweet

    alicia keys is thick too but she doesn’t have as much azz. she has more hips than anything else so her body doesn’t have that POW!!! effect i was talking about. i hope this has helped lol

    • mjs fan

      OK then I agree with you when you say that women are built differently and all but I still think that for some ppl the word “thick” is a nice way to say “fat” cuz whenever I see someone who is fat I hear ppl say ” she is thick” so I dont get it. For me thick is when you have curves ( tits, butt, meaty legs, large hips… which is nice lol) but when a body looks disproportionate its not beautiful.

  • http://deleted carmenknows

    @mjs fan, I agree the term thick gets misused frequently. personally, I’d like all women to feel comfortable in their own skin as long as they are healthy. my bigger pet peeve is not wearing your size… this weekend I was in the dressing room trying on clothes and this woman asked me to zip her up. my hands were turning red like I was packing sausage. all because she’s trying to stuff her size 16 self into a size 12 dress. buy your size

    • mjs fan

      lol ! I see. The kind of woman that is proud to say
      “I love my curves” but dont accept her real size cuz she knows she is fat…SMH

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