Reggie Bush Is A Heisman Trophy LOSER… Trust Calls For Return Of Award

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Reggie Bush Heisman Award

Poor Thang! Reggie Bush is about to be the first player EVER to lose their Heisman status…

The Heisman Trophy Trust is expected to strip former University of Southern California star running back Reggie Bush of college football’s top honor by the end of September, sources told Yahoo! Sports.

Bush would become the first player in the 75-year history of the award to have the trophy taken away. The NCAA found major violations in the Trojans’ football program in June and levied serious sanctions against the school.

Two sources close to the Heisman trust said the body’s investigation is coming to a close, and will ultimately concur with the NCAA’s determination that Bush was ineligible during his Heisman-winning season in 2005. Because of that independent conclusion, sources said the trust will relieve Bush of the award and leave the honor for that season vacant. The sources said Bush met with Heisman representatives last month at the New York law offices of Emmet, Marvin & Martin. The sources would not reveal details of that meeting.

The Heisman trust has been conducting its own independent inquiry into Bush’s eligibility since the NCAA ruled in June that the USC star had committed multiple violations by accepting cash, gifts and other impermissible benefits while playing for the Trojans. Yahoo! Sports first detailed the extra benefits in September 2006. In its findings, the NCAA retroactively ruled Bush ineligible for part of the 2004 season and all of 2005. The NCAA also ordered the USC program to remove all references to Bush from its sporting venues and promotional materials and vacate his statistics from all games in which he was ineligible.

In July, incoming USC president C.L. Max Nikias announced that the university would be returning its copy of Bush’s Heisman to the trust, stating the Trojans would honor and respect athletes who “did not compromise their athletic program or the opportunities of future USC student-athletes.” New USC athletic director Pat Haden followed up in August, stating during an interview with the Dan Patrick radio show that Bush should also voluntarily return his Heisman.

While others pressed for a swift decision, the trust opted for a patient, meticulous effort. Sources said the trust did its own detailed investigation over the past three months, using a litany of resources and reviewing its information against the NCAA’s findings. The trust also offered Bush a chance to impact the decision.

The process apparently came with considerable debate – in part because of the trust’s quest for due process, but also because of the unique nature of the decision. Never in the history of the award has the trust been forced to retroactively rule on the eligibility of a past winner. That reality, along with the NCAA’s findings, created a tangled knot of deliberation regarding the trust’s place in the role of enforcement. Sources said the prominent issues discussed included accountability, on-field vs. off-field conduct, implications of retroactively stripping an award and possible impact on future athletes and the NCAA.

Two factors outweighed all others, sources said: The Heisman ballot necessitates candidates be in compliance with NCAA bylaws and concern over the Heisman’s reputation in the wake of the NCAA findings against Bush.

The status of USC’s 2004 Bowl Championship Series national title remains to be determined. BCS officials are awaiting the NCAA’s ruling on the Trojans’ appeal of the June finding.

What a complete dumbazz… granted, this lucky fu*k has a Superbowl ring so that probably takes some of the sting away, but anyone who has heard Lloyd Lake describe Bush’s asinine behavior knows Reggie made his own damn bed and now it’s time to sleep in it.



  • smh

    this is old news…

    • Try Again..

      It may be old, but it should still serve as a reminder.

      *SMH* When will black folks learn? These white folks (and any other race other than “black”) do not love us, they love us entertaining them, but when you “step out of line” that’s it!

  • Jeff

    They gave it, no indian givers let him keep it.

  • Missy

    Awww man…Even though I don’t like this brother. I feel bad for him. I know this is a huge disappointment to him and will affect his ego big time. I’m sure this is not how he wanted or dreamed of making history.
    Anyways, WHO DAT, REGGIE? WHO DAT!!!!!!!!

  • thatonegirl

    Although he was in the wrong. I feel as if the only way you should have an hesiman trophy revoked is if you take any performance enhancing drugs.

  • thatonegirl

    Although he was in the wrong. I feel as if the only way you should have an heisman trophy revoked is if you take any performance enhancing drugs.

  • so_sad

    The decisions you make dictate the life you lead. he messed up big time. so sad!

  • BE TRUE !!!!!!!


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  • KoolCat

    Maybe Chris Jenner is pissed off, and called her late husband’s contacts to accelerate this fiasco,because ole boy dumped her wanna be wife daughter, just maybe?

  • nolawhodatnation

    Y cry over a heisman wen he have a Super Bowl Ring

  • amberrosetwin


  • Jazzy

    Who cares what happens to that arrogant, becky lovin loser.

  • shalonndramarie

    You know the cold thing about this whole situation is they act like they didn’t know why this young man was even accepting the things he accepted to get him put on blast.Young black men don’t have the same care free life that their white teammate may have, when growing up.They are demanding them to play their best to get to go to college and then end up in the NFL, they are blind to the fact that alot of these young men come from poverty.They have to get out there and make sure home is taken care of if you are the breadwinner because daddy ain’t there. So when they see them struggling to do both and the sport is slowly but surely get put on the back burner they start offering them things to make life for family easier while they concentrate on making the Good Coach look good,so I think this is some player hating crap and they should be ashamed to even take this to to this level.He played good eneough to receive it thereforehe should not have to give it up

    • Mimi

      In my opinion, I think Reggie’s biggest mistake is NOT accepting the gifts, but promising Lake that he (Reggie) was going to be the first athlete on his sports agency.
      I hope Reggie didn’t think that Lake was giving him all of that money out of the kindness of his heart.

  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy...

    Probably from all of the HGH… OH, well…

  • Pleezzz

    I bet Kimmy Cakes wont take he back now…

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