How To Be A Better Husband Than Tiki, Swizz, Dwyane Wade And Eric Snow

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Many people were heartbroken to hear the relatively recent and alleged news about former basketball point guard Eric Snow leaving his wife DeShawn, one of the former stars of the Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA), for a former Michigan State classmate that he reportedly impregnated.

Now, like so many women, Deshawn has become a “left behind” who has to deal with emotional and financial distress and the unexpected return to the single life.

Unfortunately, Eric Snow is not the only celebrity male that has reportedly left his spouse for another woman.

Swizz Beatz, Tiki Barber, Dwayne Wade and Tiger Woods are some of the prominent names among many who have become sickened with the Greener Grass Syndrome- that is, a disorder in which one breaks his marriage covenant and jumps the fence to seek the greener grass (i.e., the lust interest who appears to be everything that you need). As with most sicknesses and disorders, viable and concrete cures are good, but preventive measures are great. With the Greener Grass Syndrome, there are four disciplined ways to avoid its crippling effects.

Read them and give them to your man:

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