Serena Williams Wants Drake To Chop Down Her Donkey Backs

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This would be an odd match and a desperate attempt all tennis-balled into one. Sources say Serena is on the hunt for rapper Drake’s cakes and sent her cronies to let him know.

Could Serena Williams have her eye on hot R&B star Drake? Sources tell us she’s asked her agents to arrange an introduction to Drake, who at 23 is five years younger. One source said, “They’re hoping to fix up a meeting with Serena when he plays Radio City later this month.” Williams, who split with actor/rapper Common in May, might be just what Drake wants. “I love older women . . . I love experience and maturity and the conversation,” he told a radio station this week. “I like to learn from an indi vidual, like, when we converse, I like to re ally be able to soak it all in, the knowledge, the wisdom, all that.” Williams’ rep didn’t get back to us.

His name might be Drake, but he can’t handle all those cakes. That’s a grown azz woman right there. He need to stick to doing publicity stunts with chicks who play with Barbie dolls.



  • J's World

    Noooooo serena dnt do it!!!!!!!!!! I love u too much

  • nana

    Why would u go out with a 23 year old boy and risk the chance of being clowned? She should go out wit someone older and who can handle that muscled hard body! Drake wouldn’t know wat to do with that chiseled azz! Smh

    • ImJustSayin

      She’s what 28 and he’s 23?
      It’s not like he’s 18. Their BOTH adults. What’s the big damn deal?

  • daahlingnikki

    she definitely has a type…

  • Don

    Sereina u dont have what he likes. He aint even into women. This dude has signs of the pink mafia in him….

  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    Women dont care how old a man is if they find him attractive and he got some money or is popular

  • Y

    This is one union I DONT want to see. I don’t think Serena is Drake’s type anyway…isn’t he messing with Taraji now???

  • meetlove112

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  • Shaniqua

    Drake is one ugly man. He should not be on TV or rapping in songs with that voice (and face).

    He sounds like a muppet yelping.

    • J

      Agree…i have to turn the radio down now when any of his or Nicki’s songs come on. I’m trying not to hate, cuz i think they’re both talented in their own way…but I am so sick of hearing it! GEESH!!!!! LOL

  • LaFiddy

    Serena has had some work done, I see! But it’s a good look.

  • uhh yeah ok

    Lol “pink mafia” haha but really drake is my hubby she will have to wait.

  • deesac

    I truely believe he will be the next man on here with a broken dyck. C’mon lets be real Drake CANNOT handle all that muscle woman. Well I guess she just wants something to play with.

  • d.

    I see Serena likes light skinned cats. I don’t think that Serena would be little mixed boys type?

  • she knows....

    I love drake, he can do no wrong in my eyes, he’s a breath of fresh air for hip-hop, let the boy do what (and whom) he wants to…

    • MesoYummy

      agreed, I love me some drake to…so yummy

  • Wussupman

    Damn .

  • sweet

    i don’t think serena’s color struck. i just think that opposites attract sometimes

    “.I’m not where near rich or color struck but I love the whole contrast when we see the darker and lighter together can’t explain it”

    — i’ve heard that from so many people, both dark and light. some people just like the contrast in skin tone (especially in the bedroom)
    i don’t think that’s a bad thing. if serena came out and made rude comments about dark skinned men, that would be different…

    • Panther

      @ sweet yes the bedroom …….lol I was trying to keep it rated G lol.

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