Good Thing Gloria Govan Got The Hell On: Matt Barnes Arrested For Domestic Violence!!!

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Matt Barnes

First Matt Barnes was arguing with the chickens from VH1’s Basketball Housewives and then got in trouble for smacking up a coach… Guess he was just practicing for the real day!!! Matt Barnes was arrested in Sacramento County for laying hands on his “live in” chicken girlfriend.

Los Angeles Lakers player Matt Barnes was arrested and booked into Sacramento County Main Jail on Wednesday night on a felony domestic violence charge.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Tim Curran said deputies responded to an incomplete 911 call from the 8100 block of Sunset Avenue at about 4:15 p.m., where they encountered Barnes and a woman “who lived with him and with whom he had a dating relationship.”

After speaking to Barnes and the woman, deputies determined that the two had been in a physical confrontation and Barnes had prevented the woman from talking to 911 operators. Curran said dispatchers heard the sound of a struggle in the background on the brief open line until it was disconnected.

Both parties had visible injuries but Barnes was determined to be the primary aggressor, Curran said.

Barnes is also charged with maliciously obstructing the use of a telephone line, Curran said. He posted a $50,000 bond and was released shortly before 9:40 p.m.

He is scheduled to appear in court Monday.

Now, we do know that Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan called off the wedding but do you think they were still living together??? Pretty sure the rest of this story will be leaking soon so, we can get all the scrappin’ details.

By the way, Whomever she is… She f*cked his neck all the way up!!!

Matt has since released a couple of quotes about the incident:

“U know any domestic violence situation 9 outa 10 times the man gets arrested,” Barnes wrote in a text message to Bryan May of News10, according to a report on the station’s website. “That’s the case here I was the victim but still got arrested. No matter what I say people are gonna think what they want…”

He also tweeted about the incident:

Matt Barnes domestic violence tweet

SMH… So now you’re the victim Matt?



  • wow

    Sometime men you have to just walk away . People have to much pride now aday everyone want to win the fight. I have learned walk away let that fool argue by them self it is not worth it.

    • mz.cee


    • Cary

      So true!

    • IGuessso

      You are so right.

    • UPDATE...


    • EB

      These young Athletes have to STOP getting married. You are Target and these women are professionals … A successful mans worst enemy these day is a woman.

    • His Neck?

      SO TRUE! LOOK AT HIS NECK! Was she also arrested? I’m a little tired of the one-sided coin that only shows men as evil and women an innocent victims. Sure that is the case in some situation but not all. She clearly attacked him too. He needs to press charges against her or he will suffer!

  • okaay

    What azzholes!

    • JodyBx

      Basketball Wives is a ghetto version of Bravos Housewives. So who is surprised by this? But at least Gloria is in a relationship with a active player in the league.Matt is cute ,but hittn a woman back is not.

  • bklynista718

    Ok maybe I’m all late but didn’t gloria say that her man is not like all the other basketball ex’s?? Told them to get a life and stop invading hers..called them miserable too, if I recalled..seems like he aint the same..he’s just a wife-beater..smh..don’t mean to say this but “u just got knocked the f*ck out”!!! Lol..ok I meant it! Lol

    • ANON

      You are not late, you are right on time because thats exactly what she said!I wonder how she feel now! lol!

    • p iss-N-boOts

      yes and i believe they call this KARMA


      Preach girl she should have never said those ill fated words b/c look now. I know the other BB chicks are shaking their heads.

    • sweetness

      I mean ole girl was walking around with so much confidence I thought he was ‘perfect’…making the otha women look silly. I wonder what she thinking now???

    • What a shame

      yep!! and not for nothing, gloria walked around like her shyt didnt stink, and her “hussssband” could do no wrong and that he was the best thing since potato bread. I remember the other housewives warning her ( I think it was shawnee) about thinking that her husband could do no wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Sad, Sad, Sad….I wonder who is this chick?

    Lol, I know this is not relevant, but that is why it is not good to boast about how good of a life you have, because I can remember clearly, that Gloria, use to be on ‘Basketball Wives’saying how much the other girls are jealous of how good she and Matt was living….so I was really shocked when I read that they were not living as good as she wanted everyone else to believe.

    • [`~---.._mE_..---~']

      lol and gloria and matt agreed to do the second season of basketball wives….i wonder if they got any of the info on film.

      lol hate to say i told u so gloria….but I TOLD U SO!!!

  • Tiny

    They were supposedly still together just delayed wedding for a later date. Umm ummm. I wonder how they will spin this, I am sure Gloria will have something weak to say to explain the arrest. His neck is scratched, you can see the red marks, I wonder what he did to her? They were right they never should have went on Basketball Wives, reality tv is a curse on relationships.

  • Anonymous1

    I don’t feel like Gloria was wrong for defending her relationship at that time; if the woman WAS Gloria, I hope she has sense enough to STAY gone; unlike the other ‘wives’ who would rather stay in a miserable jacked up situation then to have to rely on their own merits for them and their children to survive, or recieve stacks of child support payments.

  • britchick91

    look @ his neck

  • p iss-N-boOts


  • Stephen Zeeper

    Scratches? I thought they was tats!

  • p iss-N-boOts

    okay where my other comment

  • p iss-N-boOts

    we talkn bout the red marks across the tatoo stupid


    All that talking that chicken (aka baby momma cuz wifey is only a term people who get married should use) did and now look who looks pathetic. Hope she sticks to her “I will not let a man disrespect me” and leaves.

    • I am me 24

      Agreed!! Straight braggin about the “perfection” in relationship..look at your silly a** now

  • vanessa

    Thats why u don’t go bragging about how good ur man is know she looks dumb really really dumb :)

    • vanessa


  • whatda

    I bet this isn’t the first time he has laid hands on Gloria which I am sure that’s who he was fighting with. That maybe why they postponed the wedding cause he clocked her then. Probably by now she had had enough and decided to call po pop. Big as his punk a$$ is he could have just left if she was the one that started the scrap and then called police from outside the house. dumb bit**. He’s a beater and I know she musst feel like a fool for talking all that sh** on the show. She and her sitation is no better than the others, in fact it is worse. He is a cheater and a beater!

  • rdub

    he’s an a**hole anyway i’ve never liked the way he talked to women.. I hope we give his tired as* just as much grief as they gave chris brown

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