One-Time On The Lookout For Ice Cube Obsessed Mom Accused Of Kidnapping 3 Kids

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oshea and kids

Police are looking for a woman named Oshea Jackson, who should be very easy to identify, considering she has her name “Oshea Jackson” and “Ice Cube” tatted on her forehead.

Jackson was ruled to be an unfit mother, but she took off with her three children before the Department of Human Services could take custody of them.

Arkansas authorities and the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) are asking for the publics help in locating three young children taken by their biological mother, Oshea Jackson. Jackson previously lost custody of her children after the courts determined she was incapable of caring for them. The Arkansas Department of Human Services was granted custody of the children, but Jackson fled with them before they could be taken into protective custody.

Jackson is described as a 39-year-old female African American with black hair and brown eyes. She stands 5 feet 7 inches tall and has her name “Oshea Jackson” and “Ice Cube” tattooed on her forehead. She was last seen at the Los Angeles Union Mission located at 545 South San Pedro Boulevard in Los Angeles on September 2, 2010. She is believed to be traveling in a green 1996 Honda Accord with Arkansas license plate 6-8-0-N-J-B.

The children are described as Jirah King, a female African American, 3-years-old; JahrHeal Jackson, male African American, 1-year-old; and Iyahwey Jackson, male African American, 4 months old.

Anyone with information or the whereabouts of Jackson and the children are asked to call 911 immediately.

SMH… Ice Cube tatted on her forehead???

We’re just taking a wild guess, but it sounds like this woman may be mentally ill.

Those kids are super young and definitely need proper care and supervision. Obviously no mother wants to lose her children, but in some cases their mother may not be the best thing for them.



  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    For real

  • LaTanya

    OK is she from L.A. or did s he go there to try and meet Cube? You know what whatever, I just hope the babies are found safe because mom seems to have some major problems and shouldn’t be around them alone!

  • babysis

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    Let us all send up a prayer that they’re all found safe, I think if spooked she could possibly do something drastic, she is obviously mentally unstable.

  • big tony

    FACT CORRECTION: “Oshea Jackson” is ICE CUBE’S real name, not his WIFE’S name! You guys need to research before you post! THAT’S why she has it tatted on her! That’s her MAN’S name! I thought everybody knew that Cube’s real name was Oshea Jackson. I guess I was wrong.


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    Gay marriage?? You must have eaten too much wanche,fufu and dokunu – and that BS is probably messing with your brain cells..

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  • mom

    That is jus plain sad smh I pray those babies r ok!. What a nut job. And also poor things! I can read their names !

  • mom


  • pantherbaby

    The mom is so sick I pray she doesn’t go off the deep end and harm those children we need to keep hope that she just brings them to family. @realist. Its your girl pantherbaby I been off here a while to break the habit but as usual you funny as hell how you been?

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    Ya think this clucka crazy..


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  • SouthernGal

    lmao, the funny thing is that I’ve seen her before….straight HOOD!! Poor babies…

  • Im keep it real

    I know that lady she from Pine Bluff Arkansas..and she is mentall ill…she got that tattoo on her forehead back in like 94..sad story. Pine Bluff is the worst places to live per population…I’m glad I survived and made it out. Pray for the kids that they return safely.

  • effwhyeye

    wow on her forehead . . . SMH

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