WTF… Now Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Is Suspected Of Domestic Violence?

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Floyd Mayweather and Josie Harris

Yet another athlete’s baby’s mama called in a domestic early this morning and this time police want to speak to boxing champ Floyd Mayweather, Jr. before deciding if he should be arrested for putting hands on his woman!

According to TMZ reports

Multiple cop cars from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department showed up at Mayweather’s home early this morning. We’re told cops received a call at 5:03 AM from Floyd’s baby mama, Josie Harris, who claimed the boxer attacked her.

Sources tell TMZ Harris went to Southern Hills Hospital in Las Vegas at some point after the incident and has now left.

Law enforcement sources say police were unable to find Floyd and are now looking to interview him.

Cops want to speak to Floyd before determining if they will arrest him.

WTF??? What is in the damn water this week! Can’t we all just get along?


  • neen-o

    season 1 of Boxing Wives….lol

    • nywoman23...killuminati

      so stupid, you just made me laugh.

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  • Mama Mila

    Good Move Chilli!

  • Xster

    Do it by phone-with a lawyer!

  • nunya79

    Hell to the naw. That is SOOOOO wrong, especially considering that he FIGHTS MEN for a living. SMDH.

  • Prich

    Season 1 thats funny.. He wants his cake and eat it too. You can’t keep a man like that at home. Bet one thing she can’t leave home at night . Like I always say don’t call the po po take the money and run h#e. U gone yet ?

  • mike

    Floyd has been known as a woman beater this isn’t new so floyd are you 42 and 0 now that you beat your girls azz just wondering anyways to bad you tuff enough to fight woman but duck manny I can’t wait till he beats your midget azz and I’m sure your girl can’t either

  • thicklikecornbread

    She was able to tlk to the cops right?!

    So, I dnt think Floyd touched her. Chick woulda been SLAYED if Floyd “attacked her.”

    • SweetLittleMe10

      Dont be stupid. Just because he hit her doesn’t mean he beat her up. Whether it was a slap, push, or is indeed domestic violence regardless.

  • don't ask

    What is this, an epidemic? First Barnes, now Mayweather.

  • JJ

    Cosign thicklikecornbread

    She wouldn’t be able to talk let alone dial a number if Floyd attacked her.

    U need evidence. Any woman can just say a man beat her now a days.

    • SweetLittleMe10

      Reading is fundamental. Nowhere in the article did it say he “beat” her. You are inferring he beat her. She said attacked, which can constitute anything from pushing to slapping to closed handed punching. Try using the facts provided in the article.

  • lule

    this is the same broad who claimed floyd beat her a few years back only to confirm that she was lying later.turns out she was just trying to get back at him after catching him with another woman.i don’t believe her


    sorry dangerous


    I got to be honest here,she has lied on him before to the police so for me she has no credibility.

  • Journey

    If it is true he is pathetic.

  • STR8UP

    bwahahahaha… all you proud Mayfeather followers. See he’s a big ol sorry punk. Who puts their hands on a woman? U guessed it, a PUNK!

  • JJ

    Where’s the evidence. A woman can just say a man beat her and that means it’s true?

    LOL @ all the idiots who automatically take a womans side. Shut da fugg up.

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