‘For Colored Girls’ Promos Are Out… But What Has Tyler Perry Done To These Characters???

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for colored girls promo

There’s been a lot of speculation about Tyler Perry’s upcoming film adaptation of the classic play “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf,” and now we finally have a few clues in the form of promotional posters, but fans of the play — we’re warning you now not to go looking for the “Lady in Blue.”

Janet Jackson is Jo

We suspected from previous on the set shots that Janet’s role was likely the “Lady in Red” but judging from the movie poster it looks like Perry has decided to have the characters use “real names”. Whatever works for him, we guess!

But um, did he have to make Janet wear Michael’s contacts from “Thriller”??? Just sayin’.

Continue reading to check out more posters from the rest of the cast.

Whoopi Goldberg is Alice

Whoopi, who was spotted rocking a habit during production is playing Alice. Seems like she’s always either a nun or a turban wearing psychic… Way to typecast Tyler!

Kerry Washington is Kelly

We’re sure Kerry Washington will be putting her pout to good use in the flick…

Kimberly Elise is Crystal

Poor Kimberly Elise, Tyler is always making her cry in his movies!

Anika Noni Rose is Yasmine

We’re actually digging the fact that Anika Noni Rose’s poster has a little bit of light and youthfulness to it, the others seem kind of dark and ominous.

Loretta Devine is Juanita

When we heard Loretta Devine and Phylicia Rashad would be part of this production we knew at least the film would have shot at maintaining the integrity of the play.

Phylicia Rashad is Gilda

Not to take anything away from the other actresses but both Loretta Devine and Phylicia Rashad have those years of theater experience in addition to their film work.

Photo Credit: Lionsgate Films


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  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy Witchy Fingernails Took The Oath

    Seems a bit creepy… Is it about a coven or something? Whoopi looks like a witch

  • jazzijotheho

    looks interesting, amazing cast. cant wait to see it! funny how people always got something to say about someone thats doing good why dont u just learn from dem instead of dissing them obviously they doing something right!


    it is extremely profitable to say “black men aint sh!t”, because thats what some black women already believe and its easy to reinforce that belief


      point being?

      I gotta live in a society that thinks that ALL of its problems are created by 6% of the population

    • S.a.s.s.y24

      Why don’t you give it a rest

    • MJ

      Is it that bad for you? I live in the same society and it ain’t bad for me. I never hung around women or dated ones that said black men ain’t shyt so I don’t hear that mess. And they weren’t around men who said black women ain’t shyt so they didn’t hear it either.


      neither do I, but I do come to a website whose theme is exactly that, but this is my opinion, are you mad???

    • MJ

      I was actually wondering if you were mad. I’m not mad bro. I’m not knocking your opinion.

    • SweetLittleMe10

      Well if everybody believes it, then it must be true. Maybe, men need to stop worrying about whats being said and work on self-improvement. EVERYBODY can’t be wrong.


      I dont see how you could see me as being mad, my statements usually are never disrespectful, and while I may say things certain people dont like, bitter and unhappy is the last thing I am, and as long as people continue to say me, my nephews, my uncles, my father, my grandfather, and men who share my complexion down because they dont want to take responsibility for their choices, I am gon be on this b!tch giving them the hard truth



      you see, thats the problem, black men are not as bad as everyone tries to make them out to be, and if 6% of the population can make everything so bad, what does that say about the 94% of that cant seem to fix it??

      are all black women loud, unwed mothers, harbinger of Aids, full of stds, hoes, b!tches and ghetto?? I mean if everybody says it it must be true, black women need to work on self improvement


    • MJ

      I didn’t say you were bitter. You just brought that up. Keep defending your male relatives because you should. I’m sure there are great men in your family. I haven’t posted lately as much I used to. But I try to be balanced and be a defender of all black people, men and women. My family consists of great men and women. There are stereotypes on this blog about men and women and I try to dispel them both. Can’t get them all, but I have done my share of talking to men and women when I’m not busy.

    • MJ


      I agree with Mike on this one. Errything you hear about black men (or just men in general) isn’t true. You shouldn’t be so quick to believe errything that’s being said about us. Just as easily as you say we need self-improvement, we could say the same about all black women. Honestly you should probably do some self-reflection if you really believe all men need improvement. Maybe it’s just you who needs it.

      Once again, you a person that is trying to make this topic a man against women topic. LOL. You make this it was subtle, but we got what you was saying.

    • DenialRiver

      hey, if the show fits…

  • nana

    I don’t care wat y’all say am Proud of Tyler Perry! He should jus come out and tell us whether he likes butt holes or pucci’s! Bwahaahahahhaa oh shyt Tyler I think u r still fabolous either one u choose

  • GonnaWhupDatAzz

    Where the hell is “jet Black” up in the piece. Tyler, you color struct, biased, byotch.

  • cotton124

    We”ll all be in line to see.
    It looks deep.

  • Nope, you're not serving my soul what it needs to be served

    I’m scared.

  • Kia

    wow no wonder black people will never get anywhere, they eat their own. Uggh. Tyler keep representing.

  • Curious1 aka DreamCatcher


  • MJ

    White Devil trying to start some shyt as usual.

    • White Devil

      It’s a slow Friday. I need some entertainment.

  • wifey06

    damn ig-nigs never stop complaining

    make a difference or shut da f*ck up!!!


    Anybody else notice how Kimberly Elise is morphing into Cicely Tyson?

    • MJ

      I noticed that too. They look like mother and daughter. Both are fine actresses.

    • MJ

      Fine like good in their craft. You know what I mean.

  • Human Racist

    I’ll wait for it on BET in 2015…

    • Try Again..


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