Who Is My Mommy???

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Keyshi Cole's Baby

This precious little guy was spotted chillin on his mommy’s back. Can you guess who she is???

keyshia cole baby

Awww…look it’s Keyshia Cole and her son Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr. Too cute.


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  • Glok.... Secret Society got they fukn eye on me!


    • smh

      okay tht was actually tooo funny

    • Shoni

      Rice Farmer! LOL

    • bizzy


    • BiteME

      lol too funny. i think its the baby sack and the babies hat thats making u feel that way. good observation

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    too cute with his little hat!

  • http://bossip @.solo

    Shitttt… I thought it was lauren london


    FINALLY!! i haven’t seen the baby yet!!! HE’s a CUTIE!!!!

  • sunflower

    That hair…

  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy...

    Aww he’s cute… Babies are the best. Hiram is Hebrew name and the name of my Jewish cousin… Is Keyshia Jewish?

  • landa

    @ rihanna’s sharp n pointy….this baby is a jr so u need to be asking if Daniel Gibson is jewish because that is his name.

  • themrs

    Awww… he’s adorable! Ready to hit the rice fields in his hat & all! Too cute!

  • !!!!!


  • http://Google HaHa

    Lil man is too cute, Keisha dont let any of your stank breath, disease carrying, hollyweird buddies like paris and them be holding and smoochin on your son.

  • Tracia

    This is SUCH a cute pic!! I still say Keyshia needs to take off that Hannah Montana looking wig/weave…but little man is going to be a heartbreaker !

    • TANGIE

      LOL… cosign

  • skitskit

    awhh soo cute wel and the guud side is she and the baby is save from the back

  • j

    Cute baby! I thought it was tigers and elins little boy @ first. And umm keyshia, I love ya girl, but please let that hair go, I thought u had progressed 4rm that mess!

  • http://Google Ashley

    Aww. didnt kno keyshia had a son he/s adorable

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