Is The ‘Future Mrs. Mayweather’ Putting Herself On Blast?

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Floyd and Shantel

Late last week, after 50 Cent started running his mouth about Floyd Mayweather’s baby mama drama, Shantel Jackson popped up on twitter and started running HER mouth about any and everything that pops into her pretty little head… which, of course, includes her engagement to Money Mayweather.

She gave us a not-so-exclusive picture of her and man:

Exclusive Mayweather

She shared her wedding date:

Shantel Jackson Twitter

Then gave us an update ten hours later:

Shantel Jackson Twitter

She fired shots at baby mama Josie Harris:

And even defended her man:

Shantel Jackson Twitter

But something about this whole situation seems a little fishy to us. Read on.


  • SEAN


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      Just something to keep them talking. She is Pretty Though.

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    • thetruth

      Very rare but sometimes a man will beat one woman and not another. My ex never put a hand on me…but I was told that he beat on his girlfriend that he had after me.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    wasn’t he trying to get with chili 5 minutes ago?? i mean i knew that wouldn’t work out but damn…

    • you're not too bright

      ummmm…so we put together “stories” based on unverified twitter accounts now???

      the engagement is real…the twitter account is fake.

      whoever posted this should be let go from the staff…

  • Stacy

    That’s probably not even her real twitter profile. Look at when it was created. Just 50 Cent pretending to be Maywather’s fiancé online.

    If 50 could, he would marry Floyd. He talks about him all day everyday like an obsessed groupie.

    • DeezUkno


  • BiteME

    who care she better just buy some good concealer. peace

  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy Witchy Fingernails Took The Oath

    He was just making googly eyes to Chili. I guess, she knew he was a flake. I really did think sparks flew between them…

    • tommykimon

      I thought he stood her up?

    • huh

      @Marci-how you know?

      Either way, it looks like she might have gotten out JUST at the right time. People think Chris Brown is a victim because he’s a singer and can make those puppy dog eyes.

      But Im here to tell u–there is NOTHING cute about a man who beats his woman. NOTHING at all…

  • Bugsy

    Dis marriage a cover up for Mayweather and Curtis homosexual relationship. U need more people.

  • missjacksonifyounasty

    And tell me why this is mu first hearing her groupie name she stuntin nuthin everyone know floyd like to brag he been so silent on her



    • ImaPC

      Ladies and Gentlemen, exhibit A.

    • thetruth

      Very cute couple though. They look happy. I hope it works out if this is what they are working toward and are serious.

  • Prich

    That’s a situation I would not wish on my worst enemy. Poor kids.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    I’m a bit shocked hat Floyd had this fiancee of his hidden or something lol because I thought he was single..*shrugs*

    Anyways,this whole drama seems a bit odd to me. Wasn’t he supposedly upset that his baby mother/ex had some new bf? so what was that about?
    I have a feeling him & his childrens’ mother are still intimate every now & then despite all the bs.

  • Bunny(formerly Angel/UrHeiness)

    @Mrs.Rance: I don’t know /agree on this chick hurrying up on popping out a baby from Floyd but I concur that him & the mother of his children are still “together”.

    • Mrs. Rance

      Of course they are, but this chick wants that money so bad that she is willing to deal with it. If she doesn’t make a baby and get the dough she just played herself for nothing because we all know Floyd ain’t about to settle down with this chick or anyone else. It looks like in the end baby moms will have that ring. Mark my words.

  • Tiny

    I thought I was marrying Mayweather in February. He is really with me, See how easy that is? Then We will postpone the wedding a couple wks before the date and state we are trying to get closer or something about our family. who knows who cares by then all this court stuff will be over. We only want you to believe he didn’t beat his BM over a man, because look he has ME.

    • Bri


    • Tif

      wow…you read my mind…just thought the timing of this chick coming out is too coincidental with Mayweather’s tiff with Harris.

  • Bri

    I don’t think this “engagement” is real. When I was talking with my friend about the Floyd & Josie situation she brought up a good point: Why would a man beat on his baby mama if he’s “supposedly” has a fiance and is so happy? That’s going to be Floyd’s dispute against Josie’s claims. 50 cent and the Shantel Jackson chick are just trying to back him up. But the pictures (that look like they’ve been taken on the same day), the engagement, and everything else has come out of nowhere. It’s too forced. I believe Floyd got jealous for whatever reason and went off on his baby mama. Who knows.

  • MIsez Jonez

    that ring is hideous


    Why is it a problem, we all know looking at him the only way a chick that beautiful would pay his uneducated unattractive a-rse any attention has to do with the almight Dollar. Dont holla, just accept it as a business transaction, you get eye candy 24/7/365 and she gets whatever your wallet can pay for.

    • Mrs. Rance

      Uh, Floyd ain’t ugly. And he’s not getting any prize. She might be pretty, but she’s something like a prostitute settling for this situation because he has money. If she had anything else going for her she wouldn’t accept this madness. Floyd baby mama probably gonna be busting out her windows next.

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