Shannon Sharpe Is A Stalker??? Woman Says Ex-NFL’er Forced Her To Have Sex With Him

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An Atlanta Court has granted a temporary restraining order petition for a woman who claims former NFL player, and current CBS sports commentator, Shannon Sharpe has made threats on her life and “forced her to have sex with him.”

According to SportsByBrooks:

Shannon Sharpe was served with a temporary restraining order by an Atlanta Court per a petition by a woman named Michele Bundy. A hearing has now been scheduled for the case at Fulton County Superior Court in Atlanta on Monday, Sept. 20. Sharpe has not been charged with a crime or been arrested.

Bundy was granted a temporary protective order against Sharpe after accusing the CBS commentator of forcing her to have sex with him, making multiple threats on her life and stalking her. Sharpe was ordered by the Court to not contact Bundy or her immediate family and remain at least 200 yards away from her at all times.

Bundy’s attorney listed the following allegations against Sharpe in the restraining order petition:

Forced to have sex with him. He repeatedly calls and threatens her life. Places her under surveillance and calls to say he is watching her.

Bundy requested in the petition that a minor child in her care also be applicable to the protective order. The request was granted by the judge.

As noted by the judge, the Sept. 20 hearing will require Bundy and her attorney “to show why the demands (restraining order) of the petitioner should be granted.”

After Brooks’ initial report on Friday about the temporary restraining order obtained by Bundy, Sharpe performed his regular NFL studio host duties on CBS on Sunday and did not comment about the case.

Following the latest report on the details of the restraining order petition today, Sharpe released this statement through CBS: “I have decided to step aside from the NFL Today until this matter is resolved.”
CBS Sports Senior Vice President of Communications LeslieAnne Wade said on behalf of the network: “We accept Shannon’s decision and decline to comment further on a pending legal matter.”

What is wrong with these guys? Are they so used to having their way with women that when they don’t get what they want they start raping and stalking folks?

Granted, it’s definitely this woman’s word against Sharpe’s.

Update: According to TMZ reports, Fulton County has dismissed the restraining order against Sharpe.

Hmmm. Pretty mysterious how that happened. Wonder if Bundy dropped the matter, or if police found something to clear Sharpe. Either way, he’s still looking super suspect right now.



  • thunderkitty

    What is this brainwashing that athletes have that tells them that they can do what they wanna do wo consequences?

    • Beans

      Guilty before proven innocent!
      This is exactly what this country was made up of, wasn’t it!


    Let me guess Becky doesnt want mandigo coming to dinner. GTFOH, I know she is white. SMHID

    • Rx Chic

      I was thinking the same exact thing reading this!

    • ohh lalala

      Yeah, 10 to 1 this girl is either White or biracial looking. LOL

      But that doesnt nullify her claims though. Sharpe wouldn’t be the first athlete who manhandles women…NOT IN THE LEAST.
      Even with the ones who lie about it…they’re generally not school teachers or librarians, these dudes GO AFTER the strippers in Vegas, the cocktail waitresses @ the Palms. SO…they should be prepared for mess.
      BTW_I have no problem with cbs keeping him off the air for good-he talks like he’s got marbles in his mouth.

  • shane

    seems like a setup to me

  • Sabrina The Teenage Bytch

    @Hurricane Venus

    lol @ your post but can you stop taking my “child please” phrase away from me?

    Get your own catch phrase bytch.

  • nonsense

    She is lying that dude is a former NFL Player and a Sport Commentator. Since when does he have to force a groupie to have sex. I know its a recession but Pu$%y is not on the list.


    What all the gold digging tricks need to know is that when you mess with his means of getting money you’re cutting off your own nose despite your face, if he can’t make money then you can’t get money so think about the charges that you’re bringing and if they have the potential to destroy his career, and if they do, then he’ll be as broke as yo azz, I’m just saying something to think about:*<

  • SHana

    Not surprised… met him… this guy is an arrogant a$$hole

  • juliemango

    He can force me into submission anytime hes fine!!!

  • http://Google HaHa

    The bytch sounds like a drama queen, the reason being its too many women blk and wht that would luv to git wit a man like him.

  • dladystarr

    He wouldn’t have to force me, Dayum he foin!

  • RazeKane


    Meanwhile Black women/white men marriages are one of the most successful unions in the country.

    Don’t know the actual statistics on this, but I personally know about 10 black woman/white male successful relationships with children that have lasted for years, so I’m inclined to believe those unions have better outcomes. Also have to say NONE of the black male/white women relationships or marriages that I know of was successful. As I said before, us bruthas will for the most part achieve our TRUE BLESSINGS with our black sistahs.

  • ManUp

    I don’t know if they black men married to white woman divorce rate is high but I do know there are a lot of single black women out there, so @Hurricane Venus don’t go quoting stuff without mentioning the whole story, yes maybe the few black on black marriages are not divorcing but again there’s a lot of single black never married women out there so the less lower divorce rate could just mean the few that are married are staying together.

    Also most of you don’t know how easy it is for a women to get a restraining order or an order of protection. The system is setup to protect women and those are the easiest thing to get, let’s just wait and see if the charges stick.

  • Bey-nonsense

    it’s not true she just want to look better in court and get more $

  • Hurricane Venus


    White men with Black women is one of the most successful pairings in this country. White men/black women unions have a lower divorce rate than white men with white women.


    Black men/white women divorce rate is high, again look it up if you don’t believe me.Google is your friend.

    You know why they have a high divorce rate? because this union is based on ridiculous preconceived notions.

    White women go into a relationship with black men because
    1. She thinks it’s “trendy”
    2. She is in it for the “big dyck” myth

    Black men go into relationships with white women because
    1. He thinks she is “submissive”
    2. He thinks she is “drama free”
    3. he hates himself and black women, which is indicative by the comments many IR black men post about black women.

    Bottom line is black men/white women marriages are based on novelty. once the novelty fades away into obscurity the unions falls apart.

    A big black dyck doesn’t last forever. after 30 you need the blue bill to keep it up.

    And a white woman’s “submissive” attitude doesn’t last forever either, once you piss becky off and she takes you to divorce court you are going to be stuck on stupid, because you never knew becky could be so cut throat.

  • Yuck Fou

    These type of cases will continue to happen to these guys until they learn to enter relationships with women who have something to lose such as lawyers, doctors, businesswomen and other celelbrities – instead of all these cocktail waitresses, strippers, and hooter girls that are looking for a payday. Bet you a starbucks moch locha whatever it is – she will have Gloria Allred onboard before the week is out.

    • ThickLikeCornbread

      So very Tru!

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