Dwight Howard Wants His Baby Mama To Pay Him 500 Millie For All The Drama

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Royce Reed needs to play baby daddy Dwight Howard some Jay-Z lyrics cuz right now he’s looking like one of those “sensitive thugs” who need hugs… Dude just filed a major lawsuit claiming Royce violated their 2009 gag order.

We just don’t get it… First this dude tries to sue over Royce’s tweets, now he’s pissed because he thinks she’s leaking ish to the media. WAKE THE FU*K UP DUDE, you’re in the NBA and the media is gonna be all in your legal ish anyway.

According to TMZ reports:

TMZ has obtained legal docs filed by the Orlando Magic star in Orange County, Florida, in which he claims his baby mama Royce Reed — who stars on VH1’s “Basketball Wives” — leaked dirt about him to the media at least 11 times … thus violating a 2009 gag order.

In the docs, Howard explains that if the leaked stories reached 1,000,000 people — a safe estimate given that the stories were posted all over the Internet — the damages should add up to $500,500,000 based on the terms of their previous agreement.

A rep for Reed denies any wrongdoing — telling TMZ the leaked info originated from legal documents … which is “immune to any agreement made by the parties.”

Suing your baby mama for $ when you’re already a millionaire = STUPID and it only makes you look more petty and foolish in the media AND create more drama with your kid.

SMH at this ongoing Dwight Howard/Royce Reed saga. Can’t they just get along???


  • sc attorney

    He needs to sue her. The extra drama that she brings in unnecessary ESPECIALLY due to the fact that he is a public figure. The media wouldnt be SO much in his legal affairs if Royce would SIT DOWN. Gag orders are put in place for a reason. They are serious and shouldnt be violated. If she thinks her child is going to grow up hating Dwight Howard, she has another thing coming…that child will grow up and realize his mama is a chickenhead. They always do.

    • Mrs. Rance

      The only time I hear anything about them is from their legal wrangling that he usually initiates. Other than that I ain’t heard nothing. If he would stop running to court like a nut there would be nothing to talk about.

    • MISA B. NICE


    • KimmyandtheCity

      What kind of attorney are you to encourage a professional athlete to sue the mother of his child, taking food out of the child’s mouth? There would be no reason for a gag order if he had something to hide.

  • Glok.... Secret Society, The fall of Boaz & Jachin ,..Your 9/11.. Gen 11:9 do the math!


    • DaNigerianBoy

      You are an ‘owu!’
      You are an ‘olosi!’
      You are a ‘barawo!’
      You are an ‘ode!’

    • PrettyTony_IsWhat_TheyCallMe

      Or better yet. Go premiergenetics.com so they can go on Paternity Test Tuesdays on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show.

    • MISA B. NICE



    nope it makes him look like a real smart guy if u ask me

    • Tru Bish

      I agree its a smart move. His resources(money) can have her in court non stop and will teach her a lesson. His first mistake was having a kid with the Heffa. All those low life skanks on Basketball “Wives” slay me. Only Shaunie and Jenn behave with any dignity.

  • Y'all Be Trippin'

    Mr. Howard is getting REALLY BAD legal advice and is being pimped by his attorney.

    Doesn’t he have any family members who can get him to realize that he cannot profess to know Jesus Christ and then have a kid with Royce and treat her like this?

    A real man doesn’t behave like this – he man’s up and figures out how to get along with a woman he once decided was good enough to bed without protection.

    Their son is going to hate one or both of them later if they don’t cut this mess out.

    • GreenNYC

      You must be a female saying that stupid *hit. He paying all her bills. What job do she have. Ohh she’s claimg shes a home maker right.

  • rene

    S T O P !!!!!!!!

  • Its pretty simple

    These two need to stop this damn stupidness already!! The child needs to be taken away frm the both of them if u ask me, cuz none of them are setting a good example for the child with all their pettiness

    • deedee_404

      If she was suiing him, no one would see a problem with this. It is clear tahts he is attempting to use the fact that she had his child to catapault herself to stardom. He is taking legal action to not permit that, and honestly its all he can do.

  • paychexx

    That b*tch is crazy…all them h*es is….

    Its better to sue her, than go get lakeshia and drea from around the way to beat her a$$…
    These H*es are getting out of line….

  • Carmen Ravi

    Being that Royce and VH1 were probably the ones that started the leak,I’d say it was a good move by Dwight. All the recent cop calling, supervised visitation request is all a ploy to drum up a storyline for Reese who other wise has no life. She obviously cares more being on TV and in the media more than her son.

  • Ree

    The best Offence is a good defense! She has been in attack mode… He has the resources to outlast her in court until she gives it a rest. Tupac said it best
    “Don’t go to war unless you got your money right I got my money right so now I’m ready for war”
    I am sure she never loved that dude and the child was her meal ticket. She has no way to really get on aside from the media and with most of the things she is trying to do publically just might be in violation of their gag order..

    Here is an ideal Dwight give her money to go to college so she has a way to make her own way in life and hopefully she will get out of your pockets..
    If not she WILL blame you for everything that goes wrong in her life…

    • Kem

      She has a degree, and her own dance company. Dwight Howard is a bully. He is using the law, to punish the mother of his child. He filed an injuction to keep her from posting pictures of her son, on websites or twitter??? He is the one initiating all these legal proceedings. Men should think before they have unprotected sex, if you don’t you can end up with a lifetime connection to a person you don’t like very much. Man up and shut up!!

  • Tiny

    He is an immature man, stop with all this suing and going to court. I don’t believe he is innocent, or respectful to this woman, thus the gag order. He wants his dirt to be kept secret. Try being a grown up and talking to the mother of your child, HOW ABOUT THAT!!!! A baby daddy who picks up a child from daycare without notifying the custodial parent deserves to have the police called on them.I am with the father of my children, so I can’t say with experience how to handle this situation, but not knowing where my child is would infuriate me, no matter who removed my child. She should sue him for continuously trying to slander her name. He slept with her unprotected Deal with it.

    • ThunderKitty

      Co-signing your statement!

  • bx2dadeath

    This is really stupid.

    • Sha


  • I Am Legend (Allergic To Darkies)

    Sue her since she doing all that BS and dumb shyt against you do it right back

  • Lovely One

    I don’t see how anyone can blame Royce. On “Basketball Wives” she does not mention his name and she barely mentions their child. Court documents are public property and since Dwight continues to file suits against her, it appears that HE is airing out the dirty laundry and not the other way around.


      thats what a gag order means, she is not legally allowed to discuss him period, and he is famous because he is talented, she is famous for her talent to a lessly extent
      so why should she discuss him when she has a life of her own
      having someone baby does not entitle you to run around all day talking about them

    • ImJustSayin

      @HARDMIKE, clearly it does because he’s suing her.

  • shanna

    EVERYBODY THAT SAYS HE SHOULD SUE HER ARE BEING RIDICULOUS! This whole thing is messy and how the hell is he going to sue her for anything now? YOU MEAN ALL THIS TIME YOU WANT TO SUE NOW? C’MON!

  • yvonne

    Both of them should Grow Up.

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