Tweets Is Talkin’… What Did Arizona Cardinals’ Darnell Dockett Have To Say About Ines Sainz Harrassment?

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Darnell Dockett Ines Sainz

Clinton Portis wasn’t the only one with something to say about booty tooting reporter Ines Sainz

Darnell Dockett gave his two cents on the subject via Twitter.

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  • TimeHater

    Both 9-0 and Portis were telling the truth so the “outrage” over their comments is irrelevant. That “booty-pop” wearing wannabe reporter dressed in a manner where she wanted that attention. You ever see Pam Oliver on the sidelines with her booty tooted out? Hell naw. Dress professional to get treated professional- end of story.

  • Bethany "ACID FACE" Storro

    Wow! Once again my ignorant azz should have thought of this instead of the whole acid thing. Well at least my face looks much better now!

    • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

      LOL!! thats was funny. i just got back from vacation last night and i signed on this morning to this and im crackin up! thanks for the laugh.. because that acid face lying chick needs a azz whippin!!



  • Tanisha

    Timehater says it all. She knew what she was doing she can act ignorant all she wants to. Women are stupid she needs to stop giving us a bad name. She didn’t want to be a reporter anymore. If I was on the sidelines unwound be dressed professional at all times

  • LiberalElite

    He’s right. If you are offended by cat calls, don’t go into a men’s lockeroom with 30 plus testosterone in the room.

  • MrsMom

    You know, MAN UP WOMEN. We know what will catch a man’s eye and make him respond and what won’t. She could have easily gone into another part of the location first off, why the damn locker room? That right there is suspect, and then you all ho’d up and expect NO response. Her dumb @$$ would have been p*ssed if those dudes ignored her dingy @$$, which is what they should have done. Don’t give a ho what they crave, ATTENTION.

    • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™


  • ThickLikeCornbread

    He spoke TRUFF!

    I agree 100fold

  • C'mon Now

    As a women, although I agree with the majority of what he tweeted, I have to draw the line when he spoke about what she had on. That should not have anything to do with not respecting women, what shes wearing

    • deelucious

      Ok so if I wore nothing but a th0ng and some n!pple tas$les to a job interview you wouldn’t look down on me? How about if I wore it the supermarket? How about if I wore it to collect my kids from school? You wouldn’t look down on me? You’d still respect me and see my clothing (or lack thereof) as irrelevant?
      And if a guy came up to me and slapped my as$ I still have the right to feel ‘degraded?’ LMAO give me a break! In all soieties around the world you are judged by what you wear and how you carry yourself no matter what!

  • d

    It doesn’t matter what she had on, she was there to do a job and move the hell on! Again, you are in a male locker room:0 what do one actually think its like when there are NO reporters in there men or women….get real…

  • really??

    She wore that outfit to get attention PERIOD !! You never see erin andrews or pam oliver dressed like that !! Why isn’t anybody talking about how she wore a wedding dress to interview tom brady and when asked why she said because I wanted to ask you to marry me ?!

    • B

      No one is talking about it because she wasn’t the one in the wedding dress. That was someone else.

      So much misinformation going on about this woman. She has stated multiple times that she didn’t bring up charges or complain to anyone about it. It was our American Media(women) that had a fit and brought it up.
      Check your facts please.

  • deelucious

    He’s right. But lol @ the end where he goes “I respect women, wear what you like bla bla bla” Save it dude! We all know what you mean no need to sugar coat things and be politically correct. She chose to wear sexually appealing attire and was treated in accordance with what she was wearing. An attractive female will attract wanted and unwanted male attention. END OF STORY. If you don’t want to attract males or get them all riled up then don’t wear things that will attract them to you more than normal and don’t show off your as$ets so boldy in an all male environment. Common sense. She should just take it as a compliment, quit whining and learn to dress more appropriately for what she’s doing.

  • Don't b mad

    Idk…her jeans look kinda yeasty.

  • bishop

    Women do not belong in mens locker rooms. Period!!

    • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

      AGREED!!! they dont belong…. PERID!!!

  • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

    typo.. thats butt pad… man i got jet lag like nobodys business… im out!!

  • Black Women Deserve to be Unhappy!

    So pretty much women should stay away from Black men because they cant control themselves and Black people will go OUT OF THEIR way to defend these animals and blame the women?

    No wonder you Black women are chronically single and cant get your baby fathers to marry you! You DUMB broads have NO standards and think it is okay for a man to do whatever he wants. Look how COMFORTABLE this idiot felt going and TWITTER and publicly saying women should expect to be violated by men..

    You Black women deserve your misery.

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