Queen Bee Lil Kim Covers KONTROL Magazine… But Are You Feelin’ Her Get Up?

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Lil Kim Control Cover

Lil Kim covers the latest issue of KONTROL Magazine wearing this interesting ensemble…

Are You Feelin’ This Get Up?


  • iysis10

    she looking good. its bout time she come back.

    • i see

      Looks like a man in drag and thats the truth .

    • nywoman23...killuminati

      yikes is all i have to say. put her in a bag. from head to to e she is yuck.

  • meetlove11111

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  • Angee

    Nice un-touched photo *cough*

    Yeah, that is some outfit.

    • c-dog

      lol! RIGHT!

  • Tracy

    She has FAKE written all over her.

  • sarah

    I think she looks like Kim lynnfield

    • what_am_iDoing


  • DMV

    Ewww looking like a tranney!!!

  • http://Www.Twitter.com/mscreative1 Mscreative1

    Photoshop is a hella program! Go Adobe CS5☺

  • carebear

    Lil Kim is a self hating joke. I use to be kims fan when I wS 9-ISH…. u know, back when looked blk and not plastic. Lil kim will never be LIL kim…she killed the real lil kim with all those surgeries. Now…she is lil asian lizard….i cnt stand self hatred.

  • xoxo

    SMILE JUST slip away. Why! It can’t be that bad. I like the outfit.

  • Tracy

    Love it!! Go Kimmy!!

  • juicyjessica

    Go Kimmy!! Give us some good music soon please…

  • Greeneyedbandit

    Im so mad at lil kim right now,i dont know what to do.She aint even came out wit a new single yet have she?Smh

  • Creole Queen

    i like wat shes wearing but she doesnt look the same in the face nomore she looks to asian

  • bad bitch status

    im loven it kim looks cute on this you go gurl

  • Mrs. Rance

    I love what she’s wearing. Its the 45 year old face that has me scratchin my head. I bet her plastic surgeon doesn’t even want to take credit for that. Maybe if she stops it’ll losen up and look kinda normal as she gets older.

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