Twitter Files: La La’s Celebrity Cheerleading Squad

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La La Vazquez

“La La’s Full Court Wedding” debuted last night on VH1 and was surprisingly classy and well produced, by reality show standards. Not that we expected any less from La La, but VH1 seems to have designated Sunday night as their “all things hood and messy” night. (See Flavor of Love, I Love New York, Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catchneed we go on?)

Before the show aired, Mrs. Alani Vazquez-Anthony had a bevy of A- B- and F-list celebs encouraging their followers to tune in.

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  • Zaaquir

    I like Lala. I really do. However, after looking at the show; I feel that it was and she is a little fake. I think she tried too hard to make the viewers believe that she is not the regular female when it comes to marriage. Especially, when it comes to marrying a NBA player. These things left me feeling this way: the question of “Are you ready to be a wife?”, Making Melo seem to be the picky one and the one that wanted a big wedding after he ask for 3 to 4 more invitations from an already 200+ guests list, the bragging about how much she paid for the a dress, the illusions of making it seem that she was budgeting herself, etc.

    For once be honest. Regardless of what was said on the show, we know that she has been doing everything she can to become a NBA players wife. It’s not what she said, but it’s the actions of what she has did and put up with to get this for. So stop making it seem that you are questioning getting married and didn’t want a big wedding. The long wait and this VH-1 reality show tell us otherwise.

    • Miss Shug

      Co-sign. I thought there may have been some technical difficulty because she kept repeating the fact that she had a custom dress made especially for her by Vera Wang. Okay, already! Not hatin, just sayin’. It seemed a little forced.



  • Shananigans

    what does she do again?!

  • WhiteLatina

    She wished she were a beautiful WHITE LATINA but she fails on all counts. Just a weave wearing, fake contact wearing, big nosed, big fish mouth ugly, ugly, P.R. woman.

  • Rihanna's Sharp n Pointy...

    You get a bish stfu for that airhead comment

  • PrettyMix3dchix

    Why is everybody askin who is she LOL obvisly SOMEBODY ! She has a show & yall don’t ! Hatin at its best!

    • Hottestchickinthegame

      Oh, so New York and Daisy De La Hoya are somebody? LaLa is and will remain a no body.

      At least for Tiny, we can all say we knew who she was WAAAAAY b4 TI and she is a Platinum selling artist and a Grammy winning songwriter! Lala is just a chihuahua disguised as a woman who got lucky by her own standards.

  • nuthinonme

    Everything about her screams “KIM KARDASHIAN”…. Ever notice after kicking it with Kim K everyone become her clone… I.e. LaLa Serena Ciara Christina etc…. You can barely tell the difference between them…. Be your own person

  • polite

    Because she”s that lame.


    Her husband even turn his head when she gave him cake.


  • don

    now that she finally snagged the black man she doesn’t have to pretend to be friends with black women. they all do that.

    • Hottestchickinthegame

      She is black. Afro Puerto Rican. Puerto Rican is not a race, it is an ethnicity and her race is African just like me. I am lighter than her with long wavy black hair and I am not even mixed. There are black people from all over the world and different back grounds.

    • Wildcherry666

      Lala even made the correction herself saying she is not black. Why is she being reported in the black media? She doesn’t have any talent at all. She can’t act, sing, play tennis, etc. What meaningful contributions has she made to black culture to warrant any discussion of this woman.

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  • Black Pearl

    What is this chick famous for again? Did I miss something? Her show is a total waste of airtime. This is unfortunatley what tv has been reduced to. Please go away. (Her son is so precious though)

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