Mike Vick Was Ballin’ This Sunday..Played With No Turnovers, Says He’s 10 Times Better Than He Was Four Years Ago

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Michael Vick is off to a great start:

Vick played the kind of game Sunday at Detroit he’s been waiting to play for years. He was a polished quarterback who ran when forced — when it was natural — and threw from around the pocket the vast majority of his 41 pass-drops. He completed 62 percent (21 of 34). Played mistake-free; no turnovers. Just watching on TV, I saw a quarterback who scanned his options before taking off if nothing was there, the imprint of coach Andy Reid and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg showing.

Is Vick different? Is he going to be someone’s long-term option a year from now? Watching him over the last six quarters, I think he has a real chance now. “I’m 10 times better than I was four years ago,” Vick told me from the Eagles’ locker room in Detroit after the 35-32 win in his first start since 2006, the year before the dogfighting saga hit the public eye. “I’ve learned so much about the position, about being a complete quarterback, from Andy and Marty. How to stay active back there, how to make good decisions, or they’ll be down my throat. I like that. It’s something I need.”

The most interesting thing I heard out of Vick was patience. He’s 30 now, yet he knows he’ll likely have to wait one more year before he has a team of his own. Vick said the Eagles aren’t his team; they’re Kevin Kolb’s team, even though Vick has the hot hand now and Kolb was so shaky before he got concussed in Week 1. If Kolb’s healthy, he’s the starter, Reid confirmed again Sunday. “I know Kevin can do it,” Vick said. “I saw him do it all summer. For me, I’ve had a taste of it now, and now, finally, I know it’s going to be there for me. If I have to wait another year, I can. I can be patient.”

In a sign of their regard for Vick, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, who each caught a touchdown pass from Vick, handed him the ball on the sidelines, wanting him to have it, because they know how much the balls mean to him. I know many of you don’t want to see Vick succeed because of his past crimes. Understood. But he’s a compelling story right now, and he might be turning into the player the Falcons thought they drafted nine years ago.

Damn, Mike is sounding all mature and ish…let’s just hope he maintains maturity on the field and in his personal life as well.



  • if anything be noble

    viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick. show em what you’re made of, boy.


    He looked good.They got a QB controversy in Philly now.

  • Dat sum real N*gga Sh*t!

    Told you!

  • Nikki88

    show em how its done Vick!

  • purple love

    Andy reid would be a dummy not to start him him and desean jackson are what’s gonna take the eagles far

  • Mrs. Rance

    Thanks for reminding me to check out the Charlotte Observer to see if the Panthers are kicking the sh*t out of themselves right now. They had the chance to get him at a good price. They can forget that now. Freakin idiots.

    • Willie Lump Lump

      Yup, agreed… the Panthers are stupid… Vick wanted to play for them but they didn’t want him.

      Now they have a coward Matt Moore and an untested Jimmy Clausen.

      The panthers will probably have a losing season and might not make .500

    • jentan1974


  • Teena

    If we want to win.. Reid has to keep Vick in.. Him and Jackson are going to take us were we tryin to go.. Reid knows what he’s doing tho.. That’s why VICK is with the EAGLES in the first place when those other teams just looked and turned their backs… Kolb is scared and he is garbage.. He too afraid..

    • Candid Canuck

      Andy Reid didnt want Vick; Jeff Lurie the owner gave him a chance. In fact Reid didnt like Vick from jump

  • Xster

    Go Mike! F the Falcons!

  • Jellybean Dream

    Keep ya’ head up, Vick because you know what can’t be denied? STATS!!!!!

  • ReALiSt aKa ReALeSt (It'S JuSt Me AgAiNsT tHe WoRLD!!!)

    Michael Vick is the best QB in the NFL right now, no one is touching him…

    I want to know what Andy Reid was smoking when he said Kolb will start next week – I need to that ish..

    Fu_ck the haters!!

  • yourface

    I am happy for him. White people build you up then try to break you down. Talent prevails.

    • http://deleted white male

      VICK did everything to himself.

    • jentan1974

      Yeah, it was the white man who put a gun to his head and made him fight and do those horrible things to those dogs. Yeah…..

  • http://deleted white male

    If its Kolb’s team can the 49ers get Vick please

  • CVS

    ..all the way to VIC,VIC,VIC,TORY!!!! fight, fight, fight!!!!!

  • Wenzel Dashington

    Rumble young man rumble.

  • http://n/a Txhustla15

    Best QB in the L Hands down goes to Peyton Manning or Drew Brees….

    Vick definitely showing signs of adapting well to working in the pocket, he knows that even with his limited games that his showings are good enough to earn him a contract and a good payday…

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