Liar, Liar Face On Fire… Fraudulent “Victim” To Be Charged For Acid Attack Con

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Bethany Storro

Police are making an example out of the girl who cried wolf lyin’ azz Bethany Storro and it looks like she will be arrested for felony theft for taking donations from all the people who felt sorry for her and believed the lie that her self-inflicted burns were caused by a random black woman.

An arrest warrant has been issued for the woman who splashed a caustic substance on her own face and claimed a stranger had attacked her.

Deputy Prosecutor Tony Golik yesterday filed three felony theft charges against Bethany Storro, who is still hospitalized.

The charges relate to more than $28,000 donated to benefit Storro after she was burned.

Storro’s parents have promised that all money raised for her will be returned.

In court papers, Storro is quoted as saying she was trying to kill herself — or, at least, get a new face — when she burned herself Aug. 30.

She admitted last week her injuries had been self-inflicted.

She had initially claimed her attacker was a black woman with a ponytail who called out, “Hey pretty girl” and threw the liquid at her.

SMH. We still can’t believe this broad tried to pin this ish on some non-existent Black woman, but it’s good that the police are charging her. Maybe it will make other liars think twice before pulling a stunt like this.

But we doubt this liar will ever see the inside of a jail cell… It sounds like her parents are coming to her rescue.


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