One-Time Won’t Let Death Row Inmate Off Himself

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Brandon Rhodes

Hey kids, wanna make your government-sponsored stay on Death Row last longer? Try killing yourself!

31-year-old Brandon Rhode was supposed to be executed this week for 1998 murder of a man and his two children. But then he tried to speed up the process and switched the whole game up:

A Georgia death row inmate is in a hospital after attempting suicide hours before his scheduled execution.

Attorneys for Brandon Joseph Rhode filed an emergency motion to delay the Tuesday execution after the 31-year-old tried to take his own life. The motion to the state Supreme Court said Rhode is “incompetent” and putting him to death would violate the Constitution’s ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

Huh? Doesn’t it costs tax-payers money to keep dude alive? And to kill him? We can’t let him give us the cheaper alternative?

So according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, even though he did this:

Rhode and a partner, Daniel Lucas, were burglarizing the home of the Steven Moss family when 11-year-old Bryan Moss came home and confronted the pair with a baseball bat. Bryan was shot.

Moments later, 15-year-old Kristin Moss came home and she, too, was shot.

Their father, a 37-year-old trucking company executive, came into the house and Steven Moss was Rhode and Lucas’ third victim.

His lawyers felt he shoulda been handled a little differently from jump because:

Rhode had “organic brain damage” because his 16-year-old mother drank during the first five months of her pregnancy. That impaired his impulse control and his “ability to apply information and solve problems,” Kammer said, noting that Rhodes also had been taking medication for depression.

… so now…

The stress of the pending execution combined with his “mental deficiencies” make him incompetent to be executed under the Eighth Constitutional Amendment protection from cruel and unusual punishment, Kammer said.

Kammer said the night before the original execution date Rhode was “so terrified he was slurring his speech.”

Really. We should feel bad. Looks like the guard watching Rhode kinda felt like we do.

A guard reportedly gave Rhode a razor on Friday, the day the state Board of Pardons and Paroles rejected his clemency plea, and that is what he used in his suicide attempt on Tuesday. At the time, Rhode was supposed to be under constant watch but he had lost so much blood from slashing his arms and his neck he was unconscious when officers found him.

“They should not have put him in the position to get implements for self harm,” Kammer said. “They knew he has a history of suicide attempts [at least two]. They knew he has a history of mental problems. This guy should be watched carefully. I have good-faith grounds to worry that he’s not competent to be executed.”

What? Mr. Kramer, we know you’re doing your job and all. But go sit down somewhere please.

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