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Angela Simmons partied the night away at Butter in NY for her 21st birthday with family and friends including D. Wade, DJ Clue, and Dawn Richards . Happy Birthday, lil’ mama. Now that you are 21, we gotta get rid of the Just for Me (for sensitive scalps) and get you to a hairdresser pronto.

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  • WhatsYoursIsMine-Chopping it all off this weekend!!!!! FREE AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!

    I ADORE her cake!!! TOO CUTE!

  • Anonymous3 - the fire sign

    is it just me that hates to see her throw up that lame peace sign…..

  • swoosh


  • JorgeOoOoOo

    Damn vanessa is banging. Thats wife material right there. Oh yeah angela looks alright, I wonder how she feels about being called the other simmons girl.

  • Book Worm

    I am not feeling Vanessa’s pants. What’s up with the half lace look?

  • scorpio

    seriously why is the older brother (can’t think of his name right now) so wack!?!!?! diggy is the coolest son and that’s pretty sad.

  • Sawyer

    That was wrong of me to say…

    Vanessa, girl you are gorgeous!

    There, now I dont care :)

  • Sit yo five dollar a*s down before I make some change ( I pay the cost to bve the Bo$$...)

    @Scorpio…the son Diggy is definitely the coolest…all the other siblings are too wack…I love the girls becasue they dress really cute…but as far as coolness…NEXT! lol

  • kai

    lol why yall gotta go there with just for me hahahaaa!?

  • Elusive

    ^^ Right. I don’t see what they are talking about. I think her hair looks fine.

    And I’m black.

  • wiznay

    cant front on they pastry sneakers. thems HOTTT!!!

  • wiznay

    check 4them on


    You know your party is lame when the most commented on thing is the cake lmfaooooo

  • I think she is so FUGLY. And her voice is so damn annoying, she tries to be like her sister too much that its pathetic. Shes not cute. Their ugly shoe line isnt cute either. Who actually wears those ugly things?

  • Ms. T.

    What’s wrong with her hair. It always looks cute. I love the Simmons family. Minus Kimora. Oh wait! She’s not technically in the family any more. Oh well!!!

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