Still Making It Rain: LaLa’s A Cover Girl Again

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Rolling Out LaLa Vazquez

And the La La Vazquez media parade continues. This week, LaLa’s on the cover of Rolling Out Magazine, and offers readers some insight on her POV as a new wife.

On her responsibilities:

Now that I’m his wife, I definitely feel a little more responsibility. Now I have to make sure things are taken care of… but I’ve been doing that throughout our entire relationship anyway. I just think that people look at you differently when you are finally a wife – especially in my situation because I was engaged for so long, and you heard so many people saying so many different things about it.

On open relationships:

I wouldn’t want my man sleeping around with other people. Even if he told me, I would not be OK with that. I do know people who do it, and it works for them. I think you have to have a lot of confidence, and be very secure in your relationship to allow each other to stray and do different things. That just wouldn’t work for me though.

On divorce:

If two people aren’t happy, then they shouldn’t be together. I think that in life you see so many people staying together and they are miserable. I know so many people – friends and family – [that] either don’t want a divorce or to be by themselves. I think that if you and the person have tried to make it work, and it’s not healthy for you or them, get out of it. If you’re not happy, you simply should not be with that person.

On staying married “for the kids.”

I feel like if I’m not happy in my household, then my son is not going to be happy either. My energy and vibe is going to reflect on him, and I don’t want that. But even outside of that, I certainly wouldn’t want to stay in any situation if I wasn’t happy.

Interesting. Guess it makes sense now why she’s distanced herself from that whole “Basketball Wives” set — since at least she says she’s not turning a blind eye to ish.

LaLa is also covering Steppin Out Magazine this week.

Steppin' Out LaLa

GET IT Mrs. Anthony!


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