How Times Have Changed, The Re-Invention Of The Man Purse

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Terrence Howard

For years, women have manicured their closet spaces for favorite bags and brands that are no less a virtual obsession – Louis Vuitton, Coach, Prada, Baby Phat. These designer purses were made for women, or could we be wrong?

A new trend is brewing in Hollywood now where male celebrities…yes, men are sporting over-the-shoulder purses, hobos, satchels, and pouches as if the briefcase relapsed 20 years ago? One question remains, would you let your man carry a “man purse?”

You be the judge of these 10 fellows…

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  • lilbabiphat2004

    that is so gay….no other way to explain it

    • chitowninthehouse

      @ goatback—-CO-SIGN! and he is the only one carrying a clutch purse. lmao…

  • 4evaMyne

    times have not changed…that’s just gay. wow

    • noloveforthestupid

      so would it be less gay to have on a back pack. grow the f’ck up.

  • Mystyri





  • run tell dat

    i just can’t do it no matter how trendy/fruity it is. even back in the day when males were piercing their ears i said no can do. but o dude can pull more women than me, purse and all so i can’t hate its just not me.

  • DarkGirl

    Hello no! If my man wanted to wear that, he would be doing it by himself

  • Mabel

    A clutch???

    • Such and Such

      Yes Girl a clutch, he could have least put on a messenger bag.

  • ViSION

    What a surprise this undercover dude is quick to embrace this new trend…
    god i am amazed how he slides under the gaydar, i mean radar.

  • 7lady

    I’m not feelin none of that sh*t!! I like my men to stay men! I got all the glitter and shine we need! Jesus just needta come on down here I tell ya!!

  • ladyinblue

    Now a messenger bag is one thing cause there are a lot of straight men who will wear those, but a CLUTCH! For 15 GRAND! Hell naw! That’s something for MOI not YOU!

  • Such and Such

    I see some of them like large purses. I would love to go shopping with them. But to be honest some of them have better fashion sense than women. Did you see Pharell’s ensemble?

  • mosiane

    That is not a man-purse. That is a patent leather clutch. No. A man-bag is like a messenger.. that is the only acceptable form.

    • Oh Fkin Well

      I guess he didn’t wanna lug around a huge bag since he was at a formal affair.

  • MyReason

    Times haven’t changed enough for a man to carry a clutch. I’m hoping he was holding it for his date. Next thing you know so called “straight” men will be wearing heels!!! Not a good look Terrance…

  • drenk

    there is only one reason for a man to have a man purse and thats to carry around his butt plug and vaseline

    • MyReason


    • Lee Lee

      I just spit my dinner all over the damn screen!

  • nikki nak

    Duffel? Sure. Messenger? Of course. Satchel? Depends on the size. But when you start to blur the lines between a hobo, clutch and a “man bag”, I’ma have to question the size and wind velocity of your a**hole. Since when do men carry more than what can fit in their pockets?

    • Butterscotch™

      I agree wholeheartedly. Most of the guys’ bags were fine, except for Terrance. That clutch is making me give him the side eye.

  • Creole Queen

    gay no man should want to carry a purse come on the world is going to hell

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