SMH: Zahara’s Hair Is A Self-Esteem Issue Waiting To Happen

- By Bossip Staff

Brad Pitt and Zahara

Angelina’s oldest daughter Zahara is five years-old and has been Angie and Brad’s kid since she was 6 months.

So how come – with all the money they’ve made working, all the money they made off Shiloh and the Twins’ births, all their humanitarian efforts – Brangelina has yet to discover the awesome powers of an African-American hairdresser?

Zahara Jolie-Pitt

This was Zahara Jolie-Pitt coming from a birthday party at American Girl Cafe in The Grove in West Hollywood with her daddy yesterday. A year after Mama and Papa Jolie-Pitt proudly revealed they invested in Carol’s Daughter products for their Ethiopian daughter’s hair, it’s still looking unruly and effortlessly unkempt.

Don’t they have African hair braiding spots in Hollyweird? Have they ever walked down 125th Street in Harlem with the poor kid?

No wonder Zahara’s always mugging.


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  • hmmm_BAPS

    can’t really see the hair, but she’s cute, leave her alone.

    • Oh NO!

      y would she have self esteem issues because she don’t have a perm. We worse then the Dominicans. The only ppl w/ LOW self esteem issues are Blacks from the America’s-learn how to love your natural hair.


    she is cute….check out myhairparadise dot com

  • if anything be noble

    Agree 100000000% They don’t understand Black hair. Through no fault of her own, Z’s hair might be washed but it is not well-maintained. I have never seen her look anything but orphanish.

  • BanginBodyBitch

    leave the baby alone, shes like what 7? what do expect her hair to look like, should it be fried, dyed and laid to the side? I mean I do my neice’s hair every once and a while but day the end of the day, the ponytail unravel and its dusty. In conclusion she’s a child so its expectable for her hair to wild.

  • Peter Pan

    how dare they! not teaching your child to hate its hair is plain wrong!

  • he gay

    stfu, she is just a child with natural hair, they know that chemicals are bad for humans, unlike most black people

  • I See Phonies from a Mile Away

    damn shes 5, my neice get s her hair done when she wakes up, by noon it looks a mess. Hair isn’t important to A CHILD .

  • Dottie

    And another thing, if anyone will have self-esteem issues it will be young black girls, 6 or 7 years old running around with weaves in their head already. Nothing tells a child something is wrong with their own hair than to have someone else’s hair sewn or glued into theirs.

    • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™


  • Trying

    Hair should not be that important. No need to spend hundreds of dallas dying, relaxing and pouring other harmful chemicals to your hair. If you do, good for you but there is NO need. the less you temper with your hair, the more hair you will have in your old age. It saddens me to see so many old mamas wearing wigs. why? because they do waaaayyy too much in their younger years. My mom has her natural grey beautiful afro that she always has in a bun. She was a good role model re hair and self love. Peace to all.

  • Louis Cyphre

    Her parents are accepting the fact that she is different and are not trying to make her look white… How is that a problem? The only people who criticize the way she looks are other Black people! That’s the source of the problem, not the little kid’s hair.

    • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

      The only people who are NOT complaining are white women who dont know the first damn thing about maintaining black girls hair. Its not that GD hard.. GD! all you do is comb brush it and put a lil moisture on it.. what a bunch of GD idiots!

    • NickyLee

      All I have to say is Naomi Campbell….i’m sure uve all seen the pics of her hair….I’ll say nothing else

  • Nikki of Atlanta

    There is nothing wrong with natural hair. Black women spend too much time and money on trying to make our hair look like something its not.

    She is cute just the way she she is….like most beautiful black women and girls.

  • Sabrina The Teenage Bytch

    And another thing it makes no sense that white people allow black children to embrace their natural hair, but black people instill hatred in black children for their natural hair…smfh

    • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

      yeah right.. white people let the child embrace natural hair.. BULL! the only reason its like that is because they dont know how to comb it… go learn from a black salon or a black woman.. common sense should tell a dumb azz .. black hair is different and letting it fly all over her head saying .. its going natural is some bullcrap…!! Sometimes the lil girls hair looks like it aint even combed .. now you know they comb their hair.. she want to talk abput natural .. in Africa they comb the hair and even dress it up with different things.. at least comb the girls hair!or let someone do it that knows black hair!

    • Deedee_404

      Rose, the Jolie household has people of varying cultures and races, including a black “household manager”. They allow the kids to ENJOY being kids. If you notice with the exception of Maddox who is a bit older than the others, they look like the should–children who are small and PLAY. To me she looks like she had fun at the party

  • Michelle

    She looks no different than I or my sisters did when my mom was away and my dad was left to take care of us. He didn’t do hair. I’ve seen her hair styled..this is not a huge deal.

  • if anything be noble

    …aint nobody said a thing about no perm, grease or chemicals. Let’s just do some shea butter and some love. A lot of love comes from the amount of time of having people in your hair as a Black girl. Doesn’t look like there’s that time spent on her.

  • I See Phonies from a Mile Away

    My hair is the longest and healthiest it has been in years all because I put the l crack the box down and stepped away from the spritz and gel. 3 years natural and its a good feeling.

  • Pam#2

    you guys are idiots, bosssip. she’s a kid. if you look at the other kids their hair is messy too! its just straight so its not as “noticeable” as zahara’s. i remember before their boyish daughter got that short hair cut her hair was always messy. why? BECAUSE SHE’S A KID. just like zahara. get over yourselves, her hair doesnt need to be braided. who knows, maybe they want her to have edges when she grows up?

  • reign

    can’t really see her hair, but it doesn’t look like it’s in a style…they don’t need to put chemicals in it, just needs a natural hairstylist to work some conditioning/moisturizing and styling magic…some twists or braids or ponytails or put a headband around a big afro puff and she’ll be all jazzed up

  • lala

    As long as they keep it washed, conditioned and greased what’s the problem. She don’t need a relaxer perm or anything, otherwise she won’t have any hair. Leave the child alone and let her be. Or did you forget she’s only FIVE!!

    • Selective reading

      Who ever said she needed or perm? Or the naturally kinky hair was wrong?

      Look at the pic again! Do you have kids? Do you let them leave the house this way? Cause Shiloh (the Pitts’ birth daughter) sure ain’t left the house looking like no ones at least taken a brush to her head.

    • Sugar

      @ Selective Reading: I co-sign 100%. Even though they let Shiloh walk out of the house looking like Chaz Bono’s mini-me, at least she always looks well groomed.

  • Diva

    Prediction :Zahara will marry Brad!

    • Trying

      thats fcked dude. The people in this world…smh

  • Dude


  • if anything be noble

    …and that’s why you don’t have children dictate to you. Little Shiloh has a style all her own because Angelina says Shiloh wants to be a boy right now so they dress her in boyfriend jackets and newsboy hats and no shirts. But little Z probably doesn’t express herself as well since she clearly isn’t their child and looks nothing like them and it all must be so weird and overwhelming for her to be the only Black person in the family and people keep taking these doggone pictures of her like she’s a freak so, since she’s not dictating a style like Shiloh, they just throw some clothes on her and run a comb through her hair and call it a day. But the average Black mom would take it upon herself to love and care for Black hair and groom it and make it healthy and shape Z’s self-expression so she can have some hair and then decide what she wants to look like later in life.

  • http://Google Permed

    I bet yall do something to ya nappy heads before you look for a job or go to work.

    • Kade B. Stuart

      What a silly statement, but I suppose I can expect as much coming from someone named “permed”. Lol…of course we “nappy heads” do something with our hair before we look for a job or go for an interview. We style it like everyone else but that doesn’t mean we go and get a press, perm weave or wig…I’ve never had a problem getting a job nappy. Confidence and qualifications will take you a long way.😉

  • if anything be noble

    …as a little Black girl, didn’t you want people — your mom, grandma, sisters, cousins, aunties, somebody — to do something to your hair to make it hair look nice? You didn’t just walk outside with your hair out with no style. Didn’t someone do something to your hair? They may exist, but I really don’t know of any little Black girls who didn’t want their hair to look cared for. Even the ones who had little afros wanted something more… a braid, barrette, band or something. Most little Black girls in this country want a hairstyle. Ask your daughters, nieces, cousins or students. I don’t see why it’s hard to imagine Zahara might want one, too.

    • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™


    • jj

      she is a little girl why cant she have her hair together like other little girls
      why the hell would she want to walk around with her hair all over her head its plenty of cute styles you can do with natural girls hair
      white people and black people sometimes just don’t feel like fooling with it so they leave it looking like a mess
      that shyt irrates the hell out of me
      brad and angie too busy cutting shilo hair into that butch shyt and picking out her upscale boy clothes

    • Trying

      actually no I didnt. I didnt want my hair to be touched AT ALL. Except being combed..I hate my hair being tempered with. Now that it is too too long, I have to plait it before I sleep. But I hate styling my hair unless its a very special occasion i.e. weddings, graduations etc. So no, not all girls wanted their care “styled”. I have friends who are all like that…and funny enough we all because varsity athletes. So maybe we were just tomboys growing up but the short of it is…your generalization is flawed.

    • jj

      its not generalizations to take care of your childs hair im sure its kids who didn’t want to brush their teeth and take a bath as well does that mean it shouldn’t be done??i hated getting my hair comb to because it hurt but my mom was not about to have me walking around looking like a hood rats child who rolled out of bed
      at the end of the day if this girl should be groomed alot better then that all that money and they cant never fix her hair
      she cant be a tomboy with all the dresses and pink she wears they put all that effort in her clothes but cant fix her hair up sometimes

  • Lea


    • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™

      you are a liar.. braids are beautiful , they are ugly on lil white girls but are gorgeous on lil black girls.. so GTFOH with that racist crap.. so su-k a egg!!

    • lilbabiphat2004

      thanks rose. rose you are a liar my three year has cronrows right now with pretty black clear and pink beads in it. and for your info my daughters hair is down her back because i keep it MAINTAINED

  • rose by any other name #93040263394 ™


    • realdwn2erth

      Girlfriend, ain’t that, the truth???!!!

    • realdwn2erth

      Girlfriend, ain’t that the truth?!

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