Lil Kim Celebrates Her “Salon Se Swa By Queen Bee” Opening In North Cackalack

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lil kim meagan good hair salon in north carolina

Lil Kim and her cousin Katrise Jones have opened a new hair salon in Charlotte, North Carolina. Kim’s “Salon Se Swa By Queen Bee” was opened this Saturday with a champagne toast and ribbon-cutting ceremony complete with celebrity guests including Meagan Good, Joe Dudley of Dudley Hair Products and Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Cannon.

Several members of Lil Kim’s family were in town as well including her other Ruby Jones and brother Chris Jones.

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    that’s great need more blacks owning black businesses…check out myhairparadise dot com for hair care tips

  • nana

    Kim looks gooood! And why is megan always thigh high knee boots, come summer or winter? U go kim!

  • nneka

    Good for kim.

  • Trying

    Kim actually does look good in this photo. If she refrains from further work, she is will okay. Oh ya, we need a new album from you Kim!



  • EbonyLolita

    Go Queen B!!! Hope she branches out to NYC where she’ll always be #1.

  • anthony

    wow she looks good. Remind me of her during la bella mafia album era..

  • Sugar

    If you take a quick glance at the picture, the guy standing next to Kim looks like Big Boi from Outkast.

  • cutiepie

    Kim really looks pretty and i can’t wait for her new album

  • Lyter

    She looks crazy. Good luck with your shop you Nicki Minaj hater. Thanks for giving the rest of black women the only thing their are proud of, more weaves.

  • is

    good for kim leave that other girl to the little kids. kim looks great!

  • thereall

    Wow, Kim’s looking good, good luck with the business venture

  • The Ugly Truth

    Lil Kim looks GREAT- – the Black hair, the right color foundation, toned down blush, believable eyebrows. And i LOVE the dress & shoes

    Now, if Megan Goode dont get outta those d@mn hot a$$ boots & yeast infection tight jeans. Megan needs 2 borrow Lil Kim’s stylist ASAP

  • Drymyeyes

    Congrats to Kim and her cousin!!! Wish them the best….

  • Creole Queen

    wish her the best she looks nice in those photos but meagan good looks dumb with those boots on does she have any other shoes in her closet or what ??

  • http://Lil'Kimcelebrityprofile QUEENBEE3000

    kim is comming and never leaving our site

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  • Tabitha

    Finally something is going to happen in the Queen City.

  • blogme

    Maybe this will give her something to do besides being a has been Nicki Minaj hater.

  • Antiseswa

    This was sent to Wendy Williams:

    I know you mentioned on your show about Lil Kim’s salon, Salon Se Swa in Charlotte, NC. I need to give you the 4-1-1 on her crazy cousin, Katrise Jones who co-owned Salon Se Swa. First of all, Katrise does NOT pay her employees and she is in so much debt that she hasn’t even paid her rent at the salon or her house. Which I hear she moved out in the middle of the night owing the landlord over $15,000. Poor Lil Kim trusted Katrise as so many others and Lil Kim needs to run the other way. I met Lil Kim and she is an innocent person in this mess that Katrise made.
    Katrise is a fraud and owes over $60, 000 to people including employees, rents on her “shops”, her fabulous Range Rover. Here is a link to prove what I am saying Click on Inmate search and put in Katrise Jones. She has written over $15, 000 in fraudulant checks and rumour is she’s being investigated by the IRS for years of embezzlement.
    Also, I hear that she is going to have another warrant for her arrest in Charlotte, NC.
    Girl, this hefer is bad news and EVERYONE from drug dealers to innocent people are looking for her to get their money. Like I said, Lil Kim clearly didn’t know anything about this or about how Katrise Jones really is. Also, Katrise came to Charlotte about 4 years ago because she did this same thing in Raleigh.
    She is what we call a HDM-a Hot Damn Mess!
    Love you, gurl. How you doing.

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