The Evidence Against Eddie Long Just Won’t Stay Gone

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Eddie Long and Longfellow students

As Bishop Eddie “Dong” continues to play “David” about the “Goliath” allegations against him, that giant just seems to grow larger as more evidence is added to the already huge pile.

A new set of pictures has surfaced showing Long with members of the Longfellows Youth Academy in his office. Also, do you notice anything suspect about the photos on Bishop’s desk?

The shots were reportedly taken at Bishop Long’s midtown Atlanta office. He also allegedly owns a midtown Atlanta penthouse, the source of more damning evidence.

Note: none of the three men in the picture above are defendants in any of the four civil suits currently pending against Shady Eddie.’s sources have revealed that there is a million dollar penthouse in the city’s midtown district that is allegedly owned by the famous mega-church reverend.

The source at the posh Twelve Atlantic Station cites several employees and residents that have noted that Long’s visitors at said location have predominantly been young men.

No wonder the good Bishop didn’t flat out deny anything.

More suspect-ness below:



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