The Evidence Against Eddie Long Just Won’t Stay Gone

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Eddie Long and Longfellow students

As Bishop Eddie “Dong” continues to play “David” about the “Goliath” allegations against him, that giant just seems to grow larger as more evidence is added to the already huge pile.

A new set of pictures has surfaced showing Long with members of the Longfellows Youth Academy in his office. Also, do you notice anything suspect about the photos on Bishop’s desk?

The shots were reportedly taken at Bishop Long’s midtown Atlanta office. He also allegedly owns a midtown Atlanta penthouse, the source of more damning evidence.

Note: none of the three men in the picture above are defendants in any of the four civil suits currently pending against Shady Eddie.’s sources have revealed that there is a million dollar penthouse in the city’s midtown district that is allegedly owned by the famous mega-church reverend.

The source at the posh Twelve Atlantic Station cites several employees and residents that have noted that Long’s visitors at said location have predominantly been young men.

No wonder the good Bishop didn’t flat out deny anything.

More suspect-ness below:



  • Juicy Got'Him Crazy

    the two on the end look fruitier than my grandmas fruit cake!

  • Soul Touch

    ooooh, big surprise. Never doubted it for a second.

    People scream illuminati all day. I don’t need images from celebs, we have wolves in sheep clothing grazing in our very own pastures.

    • Kreole King


  • A Mess wants to know where is her comment?

    They are some good looking black men. Its a shame that the few black men that are not jailed are being preyed on by these predators. If Bishop long is guilty, he needs to be stoned. Oh and this man has a million dollar penthouse. Damn, mansions, bentleys, penhouse, harem of young nubile men? He is the hugh hefner of the church industry.

  • Don't Get Dropped!!!

    I’m not shocked at all. What is with all the touching in the pics? I know they can’t wait to stop taking pics, so they can get busy…lol

  • Oh reilly

    What kind of grown men hang over each other like this? Dude in the black was all up in his grill. It’s funny the dudes were smiling like cheese!!!!:-) but he sat their looking uncomfortable and didnt even crack a smile. Just a smirk. Maybe he was nervous he had all of secret lovers in one room? I don’t even know so much is wrong with this. This secular eddie has been rubbing me the wrong way.

  • Sabrina The Teenage Bytch


    He is so fine though…omg!!! smfh

    Bishop eddie long needs to pay for turning a fine brotha like that out. Piece of shyt >:o

  • DaddyKat

    I am convinced that a black man will rarely get a fair shake in this society. And the main enemy of the black man (besides himself) is the black woman. It really hurts me how we are treated and viewed by just about everybody. And I will be accused of being “gay” b/c I have feelings, and then get demonized when I stand strong for myself and my people. Or considered soft for speaking out against the attacks on our personhood and humanity. It is enough to drive anybody crazy. But those of us who know the deal, we keep maintaining. Brothers, look to God for your strength, because the devil is busy busy busy. I pray for Eddie Long, whether he did something inappropriate or not, because he needs it – and everybody else!

    • Sabrina The Teenage Bytch

      oh please save me the sob stories, like black women don’t get treated like shyt?

      Black women get insulted, abused, and dehumanized by their own black men as well as the entire world.

      No one ain’t trying to hear your bullshyt so let’s not start with that today.

    • Soul Touch

      I have to agree, Sabrina.

      Now it’s the black woman’s fault that a man is abusing his position in the church, abusing his relationship with his congregation and community, abusing young men…screw that.


      Now it’s black women’s fault that this dude got ratted out by his sugarbabies, right? you sorry azz excuses for men blame blk women for EVERYTHING!!! WHICH ONE IN THE PIC ARE YOU? LAST TIME I CHECKED, IT WAS BLACK M E N WHO DID HIM IN SO BOO

    • Soul Touch


      Why are you getting personal? I just found it funny, in THIS situation, that black woman was the bases of your response. I would never disagree that as a whole, we both tend to fall short and need to work harder to meet in the middle. I FULLY agree with you on those regards. But in THIS situation…I disagree. Men (and women) abuse children, abuse women (men), abuse their neighbors…it’s of no fault but their own due to their lust (pedaphiles and such).

      So please…chill.

    • Soul Touch

      Geez I’m sorry, thinking of too many things at once…to clarify:

      I think they BECAME priests because they thought it could fix or control their ‘tendencies’

    • aqueenwaits

      Please KatDaddy…..

      dont blame women for the lac, luster of men. you want to poke men, women, vegateables, animals, stuffed animals, broomsticks………and somehow black women are to blame?? Spook please! You need need to get a reality check!

  • 2dimplzs

    Eddie is disgusting.

  • Educated Goon

    New Birth always been a little “iffy” to me. That’s why I mess wit World Changers..cause Creflo keep it real & aint no h0mo

    • bklynista718

      creflo is worse..he care only about the almighty dollar..the dude has no doctrine..prosperity is his only preaching..and he still believes he’s a sinner..the bible says the sinner will not enter the kingdom of heaven..since u cannot stop urself from sinning no matter how much u ask for forgiveness the only one that could save us from our sins was Jesus..if by faith u believe u r saved by jesus then ur sins are forgiven past present and future..dude, u follow creflo, guarantee ur only being led away from God..he has no word..he’ll lead u to follow the law and Christ was against the law followers..and creflo has mad controversy..why would he be better then eddie long?? hmmm

    • dee

      CREFLO…lmao he has a application that checks your credit in order to just join his church! People better start looking for facts before following people around like puppets. Put your trust in God not MAN!

  • Niasia

    Who is surprised here…and they look way too comfortable touching on him and such. Where are the parents so I can slap them for trusting this vile man!

  • Slide Like a Fresh Pair of Gators


    Look at them two on the end…

    Then the one in the all black everything is whispering sweet nothings into his daddy’s ear…

    How much proof do you you people need???

    Eddie Long Stroke Hit It From The Back is Gay and likes young men!!!

  • Mak

    Gay guy that is surrounded by a bunch of other gay

  • http://TLBaby I gets down like that

    OH SNAP! I didn’t even see the other pics above the top one. Dude in black is all up in Eddie Long Doing Wrong’s ear!!! Yeah, they getting down. I’ve seen “that look” before in down low brotha’s.

    And to whoever said, “stand behind a blackman”. Well I do Sir. I Stands behind him, on the sides of him, on top of him & every other angle. Problem is, I wish he’d have my back the way I do his. But whatever, that’s off topic right now.

  • A Mess wants to know where is her comment?

    @ I gets down like that
    @ Jamal

    What da fuk are you two smoking?

  • La La

    these pictures are old and have nothing to do with the case. people are reaching….

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