Halloween Came Early This Year For The Keys-Dean Family

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Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz At the Appeal of Conscience Foundation

Alicia Keys and hubby Swizz Beatz attended the annual awards dinner for the Appeal of Conscience Foundation last week wearing these getups.

Kinda ironic dinner for those guys to be attending. Wasn’t nobody trying to hear Mashonda’s “Appeal of Conscience”! Just sayin’!

The dinner took place last week on September 23, 2010. The foundation was first established in the 1960s as a way to promote world peace. Definitely sounds like Alicia’s kind of thing.

Alicia’s dress is by Catherine Malandrino and she accessorized with a traditional Indian Tikka headpiece. No word on who advised Swizzy to rock the casbah turban, but apparently Cleopatra Keys was feelin’ it cuz she made him her background jawn on Twitter.

Alicia Keys Twitter background

Swizzy wasn’t really feelin’ it appparently:

swizzy avatar
swizzy's tweets

We’re inclined to agree with him.

Keys is expected to drop her gut full of Tut this November.


  • Ms_Ukraine

    Why even dress up??? These freaks should go as themselves…

  • prettydew

    Appeal of Conscience??????????
    THEY HAVE NO, NO, NO, NO CONSCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Natural Disaster of the idiotic human race

    And if you didn’t know, both Alicia & Swizz were invited because they are apart of the UN World Leaders

    • Mary

      So what are you? Defender of Swizz & Keys? How does there azzez taste?

  • pretty beast

    Lmao @ No word on who advised Swizzy to rock the /casbah/ turban, that’s funny as hell! But I can see why they dressed like that. Wow alicia…I’m actually thinking this child will be born in October. She’s proving herself to be a bit sneaky. (Side eye)




    Swizzy looks like my baby sisters boyfriends, lil brother! Sorry, he looks like a kid!


    Looks like mommy dressed him for the evening!

  • Jessica

    I forgot she was still pregnant

  • FiveStar

    Two Weirdys…

  • jj

    seem like she been pregnant forever
    they look foolish

  • SongBird

    Lol at the haters. #TeamKeys :]

  • ayo

    @Natural Disaster of the idiotic human race 9/28/10,
    Really ?? u serious ?, i did not know that. I guess UN is becoming packed with husband snacthers, Inresponsible husbands and inresponsible fathers. Fantasia needs to fill out an application; she got a perfect resume.

    • Natural Disaster of the idiotic human race

      I guess it is, and it leaves all the poor hating hos like yourself without a place.

  • neenee

    That is not A. Keys


    I cannot stand these two…like worse couple-ever


    And why the hell are they tweeting to each other when they are always with each other?? How idiotic…

  • Dee

    Why is everyone taking this so personal….damn

  • cindy

    Bless them
    They are having fun and enjoying every moment

    The costumes change their looks at first sight

    They look okay
    They are always doing good

    Alicia is slowly growing and getting to that Great Puuuusssshh –so wonderful for Alicia and Swizz

  • rain

    There still carrying on this fake lil love show,they look like two idiots,she i said it @Karen,fugg u hoe pahahhahahah

  • http://TLBaby I gets down like that

    Wow, but you gotta admit, Alicia does look good pregnant. Skin is glowing!!!

    LMBAO @ Ralph & Mary

  • dropped the world on my head

    lol @ these comments and the headline…..wow still can’t believe she is married to ET. Damn…that baby….pray that it does not take any of the father’s features. She looks pretty…guess homewrecking is good for the skin lol ha j/k

    • justthink

      There had to be a home to wreck first. Hate on there relationship all you like, but ex-wife turned a blind eye to all the dirty deeds of her husband until he wanted out of the marriage they clearly shouldn’t of been in.

  • ldl

    Alicia looks beautiful as always. BTW how does the person who wrote they’re together all the time know that? I can’t believe how cruel some of these comments are. Don’t you have anything else to be upset about? Or are you just this angry all the time about nothing?

  • Read Between The Lines

    “Sim Sim Salabim”! Swizz is looking “Hadji” from Johnny Quest fresh! lol

  • LOL


  • divanerd

    Who cares who they were honoring – they look reF**kingdiculous. And you don’t see the white chick interviewing them looking like an idiot. The Prime Minister probably laughed at them for putting on those getups.

  • Ralph

    SO what if they were meeting the prime minister of India. It dont mean Sizz beats and ALicia keys have to dress up like Alladin. The dude has a damn turbin on his head like he going to a Muslim temple.

  • Alimah

    Swizz is Muslims..&& for all yall who never seen a black man in a turban..go get cultured! shoot u aint even gota leave the us. go to philly, chi, nyc..Smh..yall really r deprived

  • ~ChynaPeach~

    Calm down. I was saying she looks nothing like herself she looks like Kelly Rowland in that pic. Not a pregnant A Keys.

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