Suspect Shirt Wearing Bishop Eddie Long-Stroke Tells Congregation “This Is Spiritual Warfare” After Alleged Victims Speak

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Bishop Eddie Long addressing New Birth Congregation 9/29

Bishop Eddie Long-stroke hit the New Birth pulpit again tonight, but it wasn’t to deny that at least four of his “Spiritual Sons” had been manipulated into butt plunging and nard suckling.

As third accuser Jamal Parris and fourth accuser Spencer LeGrande were breaking their silence regarding the allegations they laid out in lawsuits filed last week, Long refused to address their claims, telling his parishioners, “I’m not speaking about individuals and all that. This is spiritual warfare.”

Long-Dong also said if he let the media control his actions, “I’d be scared to show up. I’d be scared to look at you. But there’s something in me bigger than the situation.”

Some folks would call that something a BIG OL’ MOUNTAIN OF BULL SH*T

The Bishop rallied the church with plenty of hollerin’ and shoutin’ promising, “You’re messing with a Holy order that God is establishing and God can handle Eddie Long. Whatever God said about me, whatever God spoke about me, it shall come to pass.”

Ummm, have you heard about a place called Hell???

Just sayin’.

Watch the video below:

Nice shirt Bishop.

Looks like somebody is taking solace in the belief that God loves everybody.

Even sex abusers…



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